Friday, September 23, 2016

6 Signs Your Work Life is Improving Your Relationship

6 Signs Your Work Life is Improving Your Relationship,man woman date dinner business dating

Couples may fight because their careers do not allow them to spend enough time with each other. But did you know that you could be in a reverse situation where your relationship is actually benefiting from your work life? Here a few signs that is happening to you.

1. Your girlfriend waits to meet you everyday
If you and your girlfriend work at different places and have different timings to follow, it may become very difficult for you to spend much time together. But if this is making your girlfriend look forward to meet you every time you have a date, then it means that your work life is positively impacting your relationship.

2. Your girlfriend competes with you in a healthy way
A healthy amount of competition could be brought into your relationship if you and your girlfriend have similar qualifications and background but work at different places. If you both nurture a feeling of outshining each other or proving your worth to each other, it means that your careers are working well for your personal life. This may also keep your relationship from becoming stagnant.

3. Your girlfriend becomes slightly possessive of you
When your girlfriend comes to know about your female coworkers and how much you have to interact with them for professional reasons, she is likely to feel a pang of jealousy. If she makes sure that she never gives you a chance to complain and is on her best behavior to have your attention over any other female, you could be benefiting from your job situation.

4. You have more things to talk about with your girlfriend
When you are working, you are likely to meet different people and be exposed to different challenges. This will make your life interesting and always give you something to look forward to. You will have a lot to talk about with your girlfriend instead of just exchanging sweet nothings all the time. This will also give your girlfriend an idea about the different facets of your personality.

5. You and your girlfriend make more friends
If your social circle has increased because of your job and your girlfriend is a part of it too, it is a sign that your work life is improving your relationship. When you and your girlfriend hang out with your workmates, party with them and make good friends out of them, you will naturally keep your social life interesting and find more like-minded people.

6. Distance creates more passion in your relationship
Does your job make you travel a lot? Are you unable to meet your girlfriend for extended periods of time because you are too busy? If you see increased passion from your girlfriend because of the distance your job creates between you two, it means that your job is, in a way, advantageous to your relationship. Distance can wreck a relationship too but if creates more love, then it is good for you both.

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