Monday, December 7, 2015

6 Reasons Why She’s Giving You the Silent Treatment !!

6 Reasons Why She’s Giving You the Silent Treatment,girl reject a man refused by rejected abandon break up relation

When a woman gives a man the silent treatment, she is essentially trying to give him a signal that she is angry or upset about something. Here are a few reasons that your girlfriend may be giving you the silent treatment.

1. There is a communication block
If there is a communication block in your relationship, chances are that a lot of feelings and emotion are not vented out. This leads to frustration and anger. When a woman feels that she is not being able to communicate with her man because he doesn’t understand her, she could start giving him the silent treatment. If your girlfriend is doing this too, it is a sign that she has given up on trying to make you understand her feelings. This could be one of the reasons why she has resorted to the silent treatment.

2. She is hurt by something you have done
When your girlfriend is cross with you about something you have done, she is likely to tell it to you up front. But if you have done something that has upset her very deeply, she can give you the silent treatment. This is known to be a woman’s way to tell her man that she is in a lot of agony. Your girlfriend’s silent treatment can be a very powerful way to make you realize that you have wronged her.

3. She wants your attention
Your girlfriend is likely to sulk, lock herself in a room, give you one word replies or act nonchalantly when she gives you the silent treatment. She will do all this to get you to come to her and ask her about her problem. Some women enjoy this sort of attention from their boyfriends for no specific reason. If you haven’t had a fight with your girlfriend lately and she is still giving you the silent treatment, the reason for it could be that she merely wants you to attend to her.

4. She is deeply disturbed about something completely unrelated to you
One of the reasons your girlfriend could be giving you the silent treatment is that she is deeply disturbed about something unrelated to you and she doesn’t want to burden you with it. Such a problem could be regarding her family, best friend or money matters. She may be afraid that if she opens up to you, she will unnecessary drag you into her personal affairs.

5. She is tired of fighting with you
Many times, women resort to the silent treatment when they are fed up of fighting and battling with their men. Your girlfriend too could be giving you the silent treatment if she has given up on reasoning with you. This can be her way of telling you that she will compromise and deal with her problems on her own.

6. She wants to get some space
Is your girlfriend talking to you lesser and lesser with every passing day? Has she stopped opening up to you about many things which she eagerly used to tell you before? These are signs that your girlfriend wishes to have some space of her own. She may be giving you the silent treatment not because she is angry or upset with you, but she wants to be left alone for a while. This is often known to happen to women who have been in long relationships.

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