Friday, December 18, 2015

6 Reasons to Have a One Night Stand !!

6 Reasons to Have a One Night Stand ,man woman sex make out having on bed sleep with

Being in a serious relationship requires time and effort. There are many ups and downs, fun aspects in a relationship and also sex. Some people just can’t deal with the commitment and responsibilities of a relationship. One night stands are for such people who don’t over think and want to keep their life uncomplicated. Here are 6 reasons why one night stand is a good idea.

1. Stress buster
The pleasure and fun that a man would enjoy in a care free one night stand is like no other. A one night stand would act like a stress buster; it would help in adding some flavor and spice into his monotonous life. This would be without and complications and regrets.

2. Helps staying away from emotional pressure
A one night stand comes with no extra baggage. You don’t have to drag anything along or have any emotional pressure after it’s done. It just gives you temporary pleasure and happiness and the topic ends there. No scope for any drama and emotional stress.

3. Variety is the spice of life
What is the need to have the same thing every day when you can get a chance to try out variety? One night stands give a guy a new and different experience each time which is quite adventurous.

4. Popularity among your guy friends
Your guy friends will envy you and also look up to you as an inspiration. Once you you have perfected the art, your guy friends will be turning to you for tips and advice too.

5. Experiment in your sex life
You can keep improving your moves and techniques by trying out different things on different women. You would gradually know the best ways, moves and positions to get and give satisfaction. For all you know, you will have the ladies craving for more.

6. One night stands act as emotional buffers
After a failed relationship, generally guy friends take you out to see strippers and get drunk. You can take your rebound step a little further by making yourself feel better engaging with a mysterious, sexy stranger.

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