Saturday, November 14, 2015

8 Cute Things To Text Your Girlfriend

8 Cute Things To Text Your Girlfriend,mobile self phone cellular android

Late night phone conversations are often very interesting. They can be toe-curling romantic and absolute charmers at times. However, such conversations are usually not possible during the day when you and your love interest are both at work and are struggling to meet deadlines and targets. That’s when you resort to text messages and take out those few nano seconds during the day to make sure that you make each other smile.

Listed here are a few cute things to text your girlfriend that will totally make her day.

1. “I can’t stop thinking about you”
It’s a perfect message if you have just recently started dating and you want to express to her how much she really means to you or how crazy you are about her.

2. “You are the best thing that ever happened to me”
When you want to tell her that you have too much pressure and other problems to deal with in life, but she totally makes you forget about all of that, tell her that she is the best thing that ever happened to you.

3. “You complete me”
If you are about to get married or have just recently gotten engaged and the feeling is still sinking in, tell her that she completes you and your life and that the next big step in the relationship is something that you are actually looking forward to.

4. “I can never see you sad”
No boyfriend wants to see his girlfriend sad, and there is nothing better than expressing this to your beloved. Tell her how much her smile matters to you, and she will feel on top of the world.

5. “You are the most beautiful woman on this planet”
Girls love it when their boyfriends appreciate their beauty and tell them that they look gorgeous and pretty. You can bring an instant smile to your girlfriend’s face with this special message.

6. “I didn’t know what love actually means till you stepped in my life”
Isn’t that the most beautiful thought ever? If you are crazy after your girlfriend and want to pamper her and make her happy, then tell her how much she means to you by sending her this toe-curling and cute message.

7. “I want to wake up next to you every morning”
This speaks of romance and commitment at the same time. If you are about to propose marriage to her, this is a good build up to lead to the final question!

8. “I have you. Now I don’t have any more wishes”
Indeed, you’ve been blessed to have her in your life. Tell her that she is all that you need and desire, and she will feel really happy knowing how much she means to you.

Some of these things can actually sound very cheesy to you. But the truth is that when you are in a relationship, you discover a totally new side of yourself that you weren’t aware of before. That side of you makes you go weak in the knees when you see her smile, and makes you want to do things that keep her happy. That’s when saying these things makes sense to you, and you start saying them more often mostly because you seriously start to feel that way!

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