Sunday, November 22, 2015

6 Tips on How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Appreciated !

6 Tips on How to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Appreciated,asian happy man woman couple japanese thailand china korea indonesian

As you spend time with someone for a long time, it is easy to take them for granted and not really tell them how much you love them or appreciate them. It is true of every relationship and this can happen to you too. You could have been with your girlfriend for a long time and not really tell her that you are glad to have her or appreciate the things she does for you. Even if your girlfriend is the coolest person on the planet and is down to earth, she will start resenting you a little if you take her for granted. You cannot expect things to happen just because you are in a relationship. She is making an effort to make you happy and that should be appreciated. Here are some tips on how to make your girlfriend feel appreciated.

1.Tell her
A small thank you note or a phone call to let her know that you liked breakfast or that you liked the gift she gave you would go a great way in letting her know that her gestures are appreciated. You need to make her know that you are aware of even the small things that she does for you.

2.Listen to her
A lot of women complain that the men rarely listen to what they are talking about. Do not be one of those men. Listen to your girlfriend when she is telling you something and repeat it later on so she would know that you actually listened to what she was talking a few days ago.

3.Do small things in return
You do not have to do the same exact things that she did for you, but do really small and simple things for her like driving her to get a manicure or to get her hair done. Take her out shopping and enjoy the outing and tell her she looks great no matter how many clothes she tries on.

4.Compliment her
Everyone likes compliments. Just because she tells people that she is not comfortable with compliments does not mean that she does not want you to compliment her. Compliment on subtle things like her nail color or her earring. She will know that you notice things about her and will feel appreciated.

5.Talk high of her to other people
When she is not around or even when she is around, credit her with the transformation she has brought about in your life. Tell people about how much you lover her and how lucky you are that she chose to become your girlfriend.

6.Leave her small presents
Women love to get small things as gifts. They may not really serve any practical purpose, but you can show her your appreciation by leaving her small surprise gifts now and then. They key is the surprise element. She ‘d be overjoyed to know that your gift was spontaneous and not because she was hinting it.

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