Monday, November 23, 2015

5 Signs Your Body Language is Turning Her Away !

5 Signs Your Body Language is Turning Her Away,woman girl hate man bad date

Wondering why all the dames shrug you off despite of you putting in all the efforts? Well it’s not just body odor that can chase the ladies away, but at times it can also be your body language. Body language plays a vital part in etching a man’s personality. Here are 5 signs your body language is turning her away.

1. You slouch while you talk
Slouching could put you in jail if there was such a thing called the Body Language Police. Slouching aces the list of bad postures. Whether it be a good day or a bad one, you must always remember to stand tall and hold your head high, it shows a lot of dignity and confidence.

2. You don’t maintain eye contact
Most men subconsciously avoid eye contact on meeting a woman for the first time, owing to their shyness. But keeping an eye contact is important. It builds up a connection and shows that you are interested in her. Eyes constantly darting here and there show a lack of interest.

3. You fidget constantly
Fidgeting is one of the worst habits, try to control it. Nothing annoys a woman more than a restless man. Women like men who are calm, collected and are able to control their reflexes. Constantly changing your sitting position, smoothening your hair, glancing at the watch, playing with the spoon on the table all are signs of a body language that can turn a woman away.

4. You make the wrong gestures
If you look at the ground while talking to her, it instantly shows your shyness and indicates that you feel inadequate. Also, folding your arms across your chest makes you look defensive and means that you are not open to things. If you flap around your hands too much in excitement while talking, or laugh out too loud at every little thing, you may look like a bumbling idiot.

5. You don’t wait to listen
Listening is as important as talking. Being a good listener involves maintaining eye contact with the person talking, and giving occasional responses. If you let your eyes wander elsewhere when the women in front of you is talking, it shows utter disrespect towards her.

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