Sunday, November 15, 2015

20 Tips To Make Her Smile !

20 Tips To Make Her Smile, horse staple man woman laughing

There is nothing like a genuine, warm and bright smile. It has the power to instantly brighten up your day. You don’t have to get her diamonds or other expensive gifts to make her smile. There are simple yet beautiful gestures that brings out a genuine and warm smile. Here are some tips to help you further or restore charm in your relationship with just a smile and a loving heart.

1. Kiss her on the forehead every morning or every time you see her. A simple sweet kiss on the forehead means you are there for her and support her always.

2. Make her a simple breakfast some time at least and wake her up with a beaming smile. Even if it is toast; it is more than good because it is not about what you’ve put on the plate but your thought and effort behind fixing breakfast.

3. Send her a random text message especially during the busiest time of the day saying how much you love her.

4. You just have to tell her how beautiful she is and there is no woman yet on the face of this earth who wouldn’t fall for that statement and a beautiful smile is the result.

5. A good surprise can never go wrong. Women love surprises and gifting her something big, small or tiny is a good enough reason to make her smile.

6. Hug her from behind and hug her when she’s happy and a lot more when she’s low. Show her you are there for her to seek solace in and help her come out of the low phase.

7. Record a message for her on her phone or the tape. She will be taken by surprise and a gorgeous smile will be the first sign.

8. Write secret notes for her and put them in different places around the house where you expect her to see.

9. Respect her family and show her that you care for them too.

10. Try to crack a joke during an argument without humiliating or demeaning the magnitude of the conversation. She will break into a wide smile and you also save yourself an extended argument.

11. Make her aware that she is a priority for you and not an option.

12. Tuck her into bed whenever possible and more so when she is sick.

13. Tell her a story. Do you think it is ridiculous? Check it out yourself. All of us love bedtime stories.

14. Volunteer to finish a chore for her or help to finish the task without being pushed, asked or requested for.

15. Play with her. Play is not just for kids. If children are happy most of the time, it’s because they play a lot more than adults do. Play with your girl any game of interest and spend some wonderful moments together. Wrestling can also qualify as playing.

16. Text her something nice about herself. She wouldn’t just smile and love it for that moment but will also save the message for a long long time.

17. You could also write her a love letter or poem however stupid it may sound but she will love it any which way.

18. Do not just tell her you love her; show it to her that you really do.

19. Have a nice conversation with your girl without ending in arguments. Sometimes, giving in can fetch you the greatest rewards; smile is just one.

20. And the simplest and most beautiful tip to make her smile is to look her in her eyes and say that you love her more than anything else in the world.

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