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14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife

14 Romantic Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Wife,surprise birthday man woman

Valentine’s Day is almost synonymous with gifting. Whether it is last minute shopping or a well-planned extravagance, the idea is to bring a glow on the face of that special woman in your life on the special day. If you feel flowers and chocolates have been done to death, then here are 5 romantic Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your wife:

1. Restaurant
It is, no doubt, one of the most common things people do on V-Day, but it never fails to hit the right spot. Taking your wife to a restaurant she had always wanted to go to, ticks all the checkboxes of a romantic Valentine’s Day gift. However, there is some amount of pre-planning that needs to be done to avoid any kind of glitches. Arranging a bouquet of flowers, reservation of seats well in advance, a bottle of wine and music are some key things you need to take care of.

2. Hand-crafted or hand written
If you’re not in the mood to splurge too much this Valentine, then this is probably a great idea. Women love gifts that take some amount of effort. It shows how much you love and care. So if you’re crafty or creative, it’s your perfect chance to put it to use. You can creatively use some of the discarded stuff in the house and turn them into beautiful gifts, engraving them with a personalized symbol of your love. If you have no time left for brainstorming then the internet is filled with ideas. You can also compose a song and put in some background music with the help of a software and present it to her in a CD.

3. Body massage
Nothing is as romantic, sensual and invigorating as giving your wife a body massage on this special day. Get some aromatic massage oil and the other body-massage essentials and get ready to spice up your Valentine’s Day. However, you must keep in mind to avoid any kind of injuries. Get hold of a professional masseuse and learn the basics before you try it on your wife. You don’t want her waking up with a stiff neck the next day.

4. A mixed bag of goodies
Everybody likes a mixed bag of goodies filled with surprises. Make-up is something that women have to spend a lot of money on and would love it if somebody gifted them a complete kit of the make-up essentials. If make-up is all Greek to you, then look around the dressing table to get a knowledge of the make-up brand she often uses. You can further include some sexy lingerie in the gift basket. Also, throw in some chocolates in the hamper. Just chocolates otherwise may seem a mundane gift option, but nonetheless they are symbolic of Valentine’s Day. So adding in some exotic chocolates this way is a good idea.

5. Cooking
A man cooking in the kitchen is something that women find incredibly hot. Cooking a sumptuous meal for your wife, with just the two of you and nobody else around, is nothing short of romantic.

6. Diamond Pendant
A diamond is forever, and so is your love for her. She’s not just another woman. She’s the women, who is the closest to your heart. On Valentines day, express your love to your wife with diamonds. Get her a diamond pendant. It will surely, come to her as a surprise. She will be delighted, by this extremely thoughtful gesture. After all a diamond is a woman’s best friend. A diamond pendant may cost a big sum, but the happiness it will bring to her will be priceless. A diamond pendant is surely worth every penny.

7. Platinum Ring
A ring stands for commitment, and when it is platinum, it stands for everlasting commitment. Platinum jewelery, is known for being sleek, fashionable, delicate and beautiful. This Valentines day, gift your beloved wife a platinum ring. Giving your wife a ring on Valentines day, is a very romantic gesture. Show her that now you love her even more than the day the two of you got married. Get a special love note engraved on the ring. Each time she looks at it, she’ll think of you.

8. A Romantic Getaway
On Valentines day, take your wife out for a romantic getaway to some place she always wanted to go to. Make arrangements for the stay and the travel. Make reservations, at a honeymoon suit for the two of you. To make it more special, don’t tell her about it. Let it be a surprise. She will cherish, this Valentines day for a long time.

9. A Sophisticated Scarf
Gift a sophisticated scarf for your stylish wife. Nothing is better than a warm and soft scarf on a winter morning. It not only goes well with almost any attire, but it also adds extra brownie points to the glam quotient. Scarfs are classic and never go out of fashion. They look stylish on any women, no matter whats their age. Personalize it, by inscribing the initials of the two of you at the inner corner of the scarf. You can add a romantic note saying something like, “Cant wait to hold you tight”.

10. Stilettos
These are footwear, that never go out of fashion. They are worn with great flair and sense of style by women of all age groups. Stilettos look good with almost any outfit, be it a formal skirt or a trendy dress. They even look fabulous with a pair of denims. Opt for an attractive color and an ankle strap to meet the criteria of comfort.Your wife will love this gift.

11. Lingerie
When you are gifting your wife something as sexy as lingerie, it is a way of telling her that you think she’s the most stunning woman ever. What could be a better compliment than that for your wife? Show her, that even years after getting married to her, the romance between the two of you has not faded away. You can easily pick something really glamorous from the market, as they are available in so many varieties.

12. A Pet Dog
This is again a lovely gift for your wife, if she is a dog lover. She will be thrilled! It will be wonderful to have a new barking friend in the house. He will probably be the only one, who will love her just like you do. Get a pup of a breed she always wanted to own. You can place your latest addition into your family in a basket and place it outside her room. It will be the best gift she has ever had. She will never ever be able to thank you enough for it.

13. A Clutch bag
This is a surprisingly good Valentines day gift idea, for your wife. Women love to carry their own cash, even when they are out on dates. It makes them feel independent. Gift your wife a stylish clutch bag. She is sure to appreciate the gesture. Try to get a clutch bag that matches with most of her outfits, and don’t forget to place a little picture of the two of you inside.

14. A Day at a Spa
Women love spas. Take your dearest wife, at a reputed spa this Valentines day. There are several packages available for couples. They include couple aromatherapies, massages, saunas, bubble bath and so on. It will be a lovely idea, to leave the routine behind and spend a day in relaxation with your loved one. This is an incredibly romantic gift you can gift your wife this Valentines day.

This Valentines day, sweep your wife off her feet with our amazing collection of gift ideas. Happy Valentines day to you and your wife!

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