Saturday, September 5, 2015

5 Dating Rules Every Man Should Know !!

5 Dating Rules Every Man Should Know,man woman,guy,girl

Times surely have changed, and so have people. The clichéd dating rules and principles don’t exist anymore, and people have a new outlook towards dates and relationships in general. With so much infidelity around, everyone is looking at one solid relationship that doesn’t bring more drama to their lives than there already is. But how do you ensure that you are playing your part well?

In order to get the girl of your dreams and have a proper, solid relationship, it is vital that you too follow some basic dating rules and do your bit. Here are a few dating rules that every man should know about.
1. Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.
You can lie about the cars you own or the kind of pay checks you get, but let’s face it, sooner or later she will find out the real status, and it won’t be a good situation to deal with that time. So you might as well give an honest presentation of yourself and tell her who you truly are. Honest men are far more in demand these days than fancy or rich men.
2. It’s about HER, not youThe idea is to get to know her better and talk more about her interests and likes and dislikes than yourself. She’s seen enough men bragging about themselves, and for once, you could offer her a change. In doing so, however, make sure that you do not encroach her private space and get to touchy topics that would make her feel uncomfortable.
3. Chivalry is important
Yes, most girls are cool these days with the idea of splitting expenses on a date, but that doesn’t mean that you stop offering or asking altogether! And just because you have split the bill on a date doesn’t mean that you don’t hold the door for her, or pull out the chair for her. Chivalry is still important when it comes to impressing a woman, however liberal she may be.

4. Dating has no definite timeline
Some people come out of a very long relationship, only to find their true love on a rebound date. Others take months or years to fall in love with someone who’s been in love with them since ages. Different people take different amounts of time to develop their liking or interest towards someone, and everyone’s relationship has a different developmental pace to it. So never try to set targets or have a timeline in your mind of when to take the next step of moving in together, or when to buy her an expensive gift etc. It happens when it happens, and you must go with the flow rather than scaring your partner with a different pace of things or imposing your relationship timelines on her.
5. There’s a limit to everything
Just because you date her, doesn’t mean you own her. You must know your limits, and stay within them too. You are still not married to her, and despite however long you have been dating, you can’t impose your decisions on her or force her to do something. She is an individual with her own choices, and as long as both people in a relationship understand each other’s individual space and choices and respect them, things will go smoothly. So whether it’s you convincing her to have sex without condoms or she asking you to skip the football match for a dinner with family, limits should be set clear right from the start to avoid problems later. And needless to say, these limits are something that you both are mutually comfortable with.

So perhaps now you can make out if you were going wrong somewhere in getting your dating life sorted. These tips, as you follow them gradually, will not only help you to impress the woman you like, but will also make you a better person in the process, helping you gain more respect in the eyes of other people.

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