Saturday, September 5, 2015

4 Movies That Will Help You Understand Women !!!

 4 Movies That Will Help You Understand Women,man ,woman,holding,hands

f you think it is impossible to understand women, then well you can watch some classic flicks that can help you understand them. Yes, there are movies that will help you to understand a woman’s perception of life. So, listed are some movies that will help you with the same. Read on the post below to know more.

1. Shall we dance?
Women just love the way you confess in love. That is evident in the movie. When Richard Gere bought a rose for Susan in the movie, she had this classic reaction on her face. She felt so loved and that made all others around her jealous of a sort. A woman just needs love and attention all the time as shown in the movie. You need to pamper your girl all the time because that would be your way of showing that you truly love her a lot in life. The content of the movie simply depicts that it is good to express your love to your girl. She would feel good on your gesture for sure. So, are you ready to prove your love?

2. When Harry met Sally
Do you know that most women actually fake their emotions in love? Well, this is obvious when they don’t accept their love. But, behind that mask they want the love. As in the case of Sally, there was an unspoken feeling. But, it was not clearly as the love emotionally should be. So, when you are in love, also know what your woman feels in love. If she fakes it, be good to her. She might show her true side and also express her love for you. You need to understand this in a better way.

3. Sleeping with the enemy
Love is pure and love is all about the thing you feel from the heart. But, when you force in love that is the time you make things worse. Julia Roberts had to bear the brunt of an abusive relationship. She would surrender to him to make him happy. But, when you see her face in the movie you may see the pain in her eyes. She does that for her husband, but it’s not her choice. Let your girl decide if she wants to love you. You can’t really force her to do things with you. She also has an emotional side which you need to understand. The movie teaches you that know what women really want in love.

4. Bridges of Madison countryWomen do feel lonely in love and after marriage. Same thing happened with Meryl Streep in the movie. After, many years of marriage a woman feels insecure in love. She does not get the attention that she wants in love. She dreams of a life of being a good wife and a good mother. But, loneliness is something which grips her. So, the movie teaches you that you need to pamper your woman all the time. Don’t leave any scope to make her feel insecure in love or lonely. Give that love and attention which she needs from you in life.

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