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How to Set Up a Date with a Girl in 5 Steps ??!!

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Today I will share some advice on how to set up a date with a girl... for all of you who like to grab phone numbers and have dates with the women you meet.
Now I know there are a lot of different systems on how to set up dates (which is the topic of today), and some might differ from mine on different levels.
This system is the one I have used to good result many times.

Other posters here might have a different view and a different system. As I mentioned in my previous post, these systems can be equally good as mine, but the truth is – no system is perfect; they all have their pros and cons.
Keep in mind that the technique I am about to share has given me a lot of success in the past and according to my knowledge many other great seducers have used similar techniques with great results.

How to Set Up a Date

Let me go straight into it. For pedagogic reasons, I will share this system step by step. I will begin all the way from the initial meet – from the part where you get a phone number from a girl, till she meets up with you. Let us begin:
  1. Grabbing her phone number

    So let us start discussing the whole process of grabbing a phone number. Although getting a phone number is very easy (women, especially young ones, are okay with giving away their phone numbers), getting a GOOD phone number is very hard. My system is all about grabbing good phone numbers, therefore we will discuss this topic in depth. If you grab a solid phone number, your chances of successfully getting her to meet up on your date will increase drastically.
    Most phone numbers result in nothing. Men who like to meet girls and plan to get somewhere with them on a date have a very low ratio. I would probably say that a good ROI is results (dates, girlfriends, sex) from about 2 or 3 out of every 10 numbers – and that is for a guy who really knows his stuff.
    So if you don’t get dates from all your numbers, don’t panic – it’s totally normal. Just accept that women might flake for many reasons – so just because she flakes on you or doesn’t respond to you doesn’t mean she doesn’t find you attractive.
    Here are some reasons why women flake:
    • Her mood isn’t that great when you call her up (compared to when she met you – you made her feel great then! She may not feel so eager now)
    • She is insecure – you were so hot that she is afraid of risking a rejection that would ruin her ego and ruin her feeling of being positively validated
    • She is busy – she might have an exam
    • She might feel that you are more attractive than her – hence in order to feel that she reaches your level of “value” she has to play hard to get
    • She might test to see whether you are the real deal or not (in the form of testing how you would react to her flaking or her not responding your calls)
    • She might see potential in you as a boyfriend and start putting up some resistance in order to make you into a needy man; making you more willing to commit to a relationship (in such a case, she would also hold back sex during the meet up)
    • She’s on her period (enough said)

    • She is currently dating someone else (in the sense that she is sleeping with some guy but isn’t yet sure whether or not she wants him as a boyfriend) and is unsure whether it’s smart to date you or not (and when women start thinking whether something is smart to do or not, they tend to not jump into it – women are less risk takers than men)
    … and these are just a few of the millions of reasons for why women might flake on you.
    What I am trying to say is that no matter how you put it, no matter what you do, no matter how many fancy texting or phone call techniques you learn, grabbing numbers and getting women to meet up on a date will always be more or less a numbers game. I haven’t heard of a single man who manages to have even to close to a 100% success rate (a 100% rate is impossible, no matter what) from all his phone numbers. If he’s good he might get 10% of the girls he meets (and grabs numbers from) to meet up on a date. The ratio with this type of game (meet women on dates and then bang them) is actually lower if we compare it to for example same night lays, where many pro seducers can have up to a 25% close rate (they manage to bang 1 out of 4 girls they meet) – which is a very high ratio. Mind you that these are all just assumed estimates (I haven’t analyzed this statistically – I think such a thing would be lame anyway).
    So grabbing numbers and getting the girl to meet up is a numbers game. Look again at all the reasons for why women might flake on you. You will see that some of them are beyond your control – there is nothing you can do about them. Others can in a way be handled, but remember that over the phone you have far less power than when you are in person. When she is with you in person, you can more easily affect her state. Not only will the content of what you say matter, but everything like body language, physical touch, eye contact, etc., also play a role (all of them are important elements of a seduction), whereas over the phone, not only does it all feel more distanced, but you can only rely on your verbal content and to some extent your tonality. This means that your possibilities to make headway are limited.
    This is why grabbing a weak phone number is a bad idea, because attracting a girl over the phone is simply not efficient. Therefore it is key to only grab numbers from women who you know are attracted to you. The girl must be so into you that she doesn’t even hesitate to give away her number. She must be eager to meet up with you. If she isn’t, just say goodbye without grabbing her number. This way you secure yourself solid phone numbers that have lower chances of flakes.
    Although grabbing numbers and setting up dates is a numbers game, you reduce the number by making sure you grab quality numbers. It is key that you feel deep inside that she is into you. She must give you some clear sign of interest before you take her number.
    Now the negative side effect here is that you will lose some opportunities that could in the best case scenario lead to a date (however, keep in mind that your odds will be rather low and in the long run you will not lose that many opportunities). Well... that is life. Overall, being more efficient and grabbing more (and better) numbers will give you more dates and make you more consistent with your results (and you will get laid more).

  2. First contact

  3. This one is purely optional: call her within 15 minutes after leaving her. Why is this a good idea? Well, first of all she will get comfortable with talking to you over the phone (many women find this uncomfortable), which can make it easier for you to call her later on (hence reducing the chances of her flaking on your phone calls). The reason you do so right after meeting her is because she is still hot for you – she just met you and is still in a great mood (the mood YOU put her in). Secondly, it won’t be awkward for her to answer the phone – you guys just talked, right?
    When you talk with her, just tell her it was nice meeting her. Do a bit of fluff talk, but end this conversation quickly (it shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes). End the conversation with telling her that you will call her again soon (a few days later – make her wonder a bit about whether or not you will call her, and meanwhile meet other women).
    Now what if she didn’t answer that call? Here you have two options:
    • For max efficiency, drop her and meet other women
    • But if she really is hot, it might be worth giving it a try (it is a bit early to give up, don’t you think?)
    If you select the second option, wait a bit for her to re-engage – give it a day or so. If she calls you back, that is awesome (you can at that point do a longer conversation and even set up a date). If she texts you back, just tell her that you called her in order to give her your number. Finish the message with “I will call you later, busy atm.”
    Then after waiting a day or more, call her back. This time talk a little longer and set up a date. Keep in mind that calling between Tuesday and Thursday will give you the highest chances of response. The reason being that people tend to be tired and anti-social on Mondays (due to starting up the week – lots of work), on Fridays on Saturdays women tend to hang out with their friends – which makes them busy. On Sundays… most girls are tired (hangover…).
man speaking on the phone self
    So do a bit of fluff talk and set up a date. Make sure this conversation doesn’t last too long either (10-15 min max). Ending a conversation communicates that you are not needy and that you are a man with precious time. Being busy is sexy.

  1. Introducing the “date”

  2. This one is the simplest part really. Just tell her that you two need to meet up soon and have a quick drink. If she doesn’t agree or gives you a lot of reasons for not being able to meet up, just say okay and tell her to let you know once she is free. Don’t start convincing her to meet up, as you will only come across as needy – which is a huge turn-off.
    By trying to convince her to meet you, you just come across as less attractive. If she gives you a bunch of reasons, tell her to call you/text you when she is free. Let her re-engage you. This way you communicate that you are a man who is not needy, who is sexy, who values his time, and who has other options. All of these are attractive traits. If she isn’t calling you back to set up a meet, that is fine, because all you have to do is meet up with other women.
    You will be shocked when you find out how many women will re-engage you out of nowhere after “cutting them lose” when they are not cooperating to set up a meet up. It is the most efficient way of doing things – very little work and so powerful.

  3. Where to meet up

  4. We all know that buying expensive dinners won’t get you anywhere. We also know that heading to the theater is just lame. Seriously, all you need to do is to set up a meeting at a coffee shop or a bar (if you plan meeting her up in the evening). It’s a cheaper option and you won’t come across as needy by trying to impress her. Also, another thing is that you won’t communicate that you are looking for a relationship (whether or not you want a relationship, communicating to girls that you are after one is just not attractive and will only make her withhold sex).
    Make sure you meet up with her at a bar not too far away from the seduction location (either near your place or hers, depending on where you would like to pull). I also highly recommend you set up a date on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays, for the same reasons as listed above.

  5. Flakes

  6. Now, flakes will occur. Again, as mentioned earlier in this article, there are a lot of reasons for why women flake. Don’t get embarrassed or angry over it. We all experience it, more often than you could imagine. Don’t feel bad about it.
    When a flake happens, just tell her that you are okay with it and tell her to let you know when she is free. The key thing is to pass over the ball. It is key that you don’t reschedule, but that she does it. You offered her a schedule and she refused it. Now it is her turn. If you try to set up a new date, you will come across as needy, which is a big game killer. Make her do it.
    This way you also test for compliance. If she reschedules, you know that she is really into you. Secondly, most men get all crazy and needy once a girl flakes on them – you don’t, which will make you more special. Another thing is that you show her that you are the prize because you now expect her to invest in you. All these are attractive traits.
    Sometimes she will announce that she won’t show up over a phone call. If she reschedules right away, that is great, but oftentimes she won’t do so right away. No problem, as long as you tell her to get in touch with you whenever she has some time off and a real intention to meet you.
    After you’ve done that, stop calling her. Don’t give her a single call until she contacts you to reschedule. This is very powerful because you show her that you really are a man of high value. You will also create attraction by letting her wonder why you aren’t contacting her. Ideally this also creates attraction that leads her to contact you. You also force her to comply to your demands. Building up compliance is also a good thing.
    Sometimes, women won’t call/text you back. That is fine, just move on. Now, you might lose an opportunity, but in most cases she isn’t that interested in meeting up with you in the first place. The odds of her meeting you would have been low anyway, and if she happened to come on a date with you, I have a feeling that she would be a hard nut to crack.
    Anyway, I still believe that, in the long run, moving on and meeting a new girl is a better option, as I believe it will get you laid way more often than persisting on a flakey woman. Also, another key benefit is that it will also allow you to meet other women. If you are a beginner at this, then keep in mind that meeting plenty of women is key, as you will build up your field experience – which is key to success in seduction.
friends group pf people
    Remember that grabbing numbers and setting up dates, no matter what you do, will ALWAYS be a serious numbers game. So, in order to get the most out of it, we need to think about efficiency. This is how you become a man with a juicy sex life!
    Now, let me recap this post.


  1. Grabbing her phone number: In order to get dates consistently, it is key that you grab solid number – from girls who have shown great interest in you, where you feel the vibe is floating naturally.
  2. First contact: If you want, contact her right after meeting her in order to make her comfortable with talking to you. The first step here is optional, but the next one isn’t. Call her a few days after the meet and chat her up a bit.
  3. Introducing the date: Set up a meeting
  4. Where to meet up: Meet her up at a bar/coffee shop next to the seduction location
  5. Flakes: If she flakes, ask her to contact you when she has time off in order to reschedule – make her reschedule. Cut contact with her until she does. If she doesn’t, then move on and meet other women.
Mind you that, with this system, it is all about efficiency. The reason efficiency is key is because grabbing numbers and getting women to come on dates is a numbers game. You lessen the strain of it being a numbers game by adding efficiency into the equation. Then the fact that this is a numbers game becomes less important.

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