Saturday, December 7, 2013

How Not to Let Politics Hurt Your Relationship ?!

Dating-men-woman-at-podium-american-flag_How Not to Let Politics Hurt Your Relationship

Don’t turn your home into a political war zone. Use these tips to find common ground instead.
Sometimes love is blind, especially when your partners supports the opposing political party. But, even a loving relationship can combust when those contrasting viewpoints lead to conflicts.
Every four years, couples that usually coexist peacefully are faced with an emotionally-charged challenge: election season. These relationships are put to the test, but there are simple strategies that can be used to improve the odds of staying together after we’ve elected a new president.
1. Always respect the passion. Make an honest effort to understand how passionate your partner is about his political views. You might be surprised at how peaceful the conversations can be as long as there is mutual respect. All political war zones aren’t laced with minefields.
Even if his political views are impassioning, take time to understand where he’s coming from. For example, if you’re a democrat that is pro-choice and he’s a republication that believes life begins at conception, you should respect his position and hear him out on it.
The key point is that you will most likely never change his mind about his beliefs. So, respect how passionate he is about politics and find common ground.
2. Take time to cultivate a soul connection. During trying times — like election season — set aside time to connect every day. This bonding time should extend past the usual chit chat and dinner prep. Consider it soul time.
It might be 30 minutes after the kids go to bed or right after work. The length of time doesn’t matter. It’s about the experience.

You can sit together, entwined comfortably, and just appreciate that closeness. It can be as simple as hugging and listening to each other’s heartbeats for a few minutes. The importance of this soul connecting is to simply take time to feel the happiness and positivity flowing between you.
The key point is soul connecting transcends the daily grind of life. It is about cultivating positive energy between you and your partner.
3. Make kindness your number one priority. It is a relationship life raft. Being kind can prevent a lot of relationship problems. Take a moment and think back on the big fights: How many spawned from unkind words or behaviors?
When politics come up in conversation, choose kindness instead of anger. It will change everything because the starch will be taken out of the debate.
The key point is kindness is the balm that soothes all wounds. Make it your top relationship priority.
The good news is election season is finite! Choose to respect his beliefs even if you don’t agree with them, make time for regular soul connecting and always be kind. Your relationship might survive the presidential election after all.

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