Saturday, December 7, 2013

Forget to Take a Pill? Get a Reminder Text !!!

Forget to Take a Pill, Get a Reminder Text ,don't forget sticker poster

You don’t have to tell us it can be hard to remember your pill every day. And it’s not just birth control users: the World Health Organization estimates that half of people taking medication of any kind have problems taking it on time. Some medications even come in bottles with tops that flash red if you forget to take a dose. Pill packaging hasn’t gone so high tech, but if you use Bedsider you’re probably well aware that there’s another technological solution: cell phone (or email) reminders.
A new study from researchers at Columbia University showed that getting a daily text message reminder about the pill helped busy New York women remember to take it. It also helped them stick with it over time: after 6 months, more women getting the texts were still using the pill compared to women who didn’t get the texts. What we want to know: were their reminders as much fun as ours?

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