Monday, November 4, 2013

Won’t You Help Me Spread Some Love?

This morning I sat down to write something about clutter, which I’ve been doing a great deal lately because it seems a lot of people are feeling stuck. I know, both in theory and in practice, that letting go of the stuff in your physical space that no longer serves you will change your life. If you want to know more about that, you’re going to have to write to me directly because that plan has been officially derailed.
If you’re still feeling stuck (and frankly, I think I need your help even if you’re not)… please help me spread some love.
Perhaps this is going to sound crazy… well, even if it doesn’t, I suppose I’m admitting that it feels a little crazy on this end. There is much on my heart–Matthew Shephard, Occupy Wall Street, Mother Earth (What could I possible tag here to adequately describe the damage we’re doing to her but you know what’s up, right?), cancer, and the three sweet homeless kitties that I can’t seem to find placement for even though winter is near. The list goes on and on and this morning my heart was aching from all of it.
I was literally stuck in all of the stuff that hurts my heart, perhaps stuck in the reality that I can’t seem to do anything about many of the things that trouble me. And then, a friend posted this from (who is, by the way, doing some amazingly inspiring work) on Facebook:
The hope and play and colors and creativity and music, all of it just broke me wide open and hope rushed back in.
Now, all I want to do is help other people feel as inspired and empowered as I do at this moment. I want to grab a bucket of chalk and drive directly into downtown Nashville but since I have calls with five coaching clients scheduled for today that isn’t going to work.
Plan B is to ask you to help.
Today’s WILD mission, should you choose to accept, is to SPREAD SOME FREAKING LOVE!
I’m asking you to commit to THREE acts of LOVE:
1. Show some love to someone you know.
2. Show some love to a stranger.
3. Show some love to yourself.

I don’t care what it is–pick up the tab, draw chalk hearts on the sidewalk and invite others to do the same, send a card or email just to say I love you or I think you’re doing a great job, or double your dinner recipe and deliver a healthy meal to someone who’s having a tough time. Give someone a hug or a flower or a song. You can take all of those beautiful clothes you never wear and donate them to the domestic violence shelter, or buy a gift certificate to a local spa and send it to someone you appreciate.
I don’t care what you do but please, please help me spread the love! Once for someone you know. Once for a stranger. And don’t for the one act of love for yourself!
I’d love to hear about your experience. In fact, we all would. You can leave it here in the comments or email it to me at and I can add it to the comments area myself (anonymously, of course, if you prefer).
Lastly, please share this invitation to spread the love by posting this article throughout your virtual community in whatever makes sense for you.

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