Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Delicious Aphrodisiacs For More Exciting Sex !!!

woman-eating-strawberries-good-skin-vert - Delicious Aphrodisiacs For More Exciting Sex

They’ve been used for centuries and many believe that aphrodisiacs can improve fertility, induce passion, or help guys stay hard. But are aphrodisiacs as simple as eat, drink, and get it on? Maybe. Maybe not. Whether it’s all myth or totally true, we only know this for sure: It’s fun to try them and see what happens. Here are a few you can fool around with.
They say: Stimulates the sex drive, boost fertility, and chills you out. Plus the scent supposedly turns men on.
We say: Make a Caprese salad. While you’re sharing it, feed him a leaf of basil, then go in for a lingering kiss.
They say: Sexually stimulates women by increasing blood flow down there.
We say: Make some oddly refreshing cucumber limeade and see where that leads.
They say: It contains phenylethylamine and serotonin, which are two natural chemicals that make you feel really good. So, chocolate’s effect might make you a little less inhibited, a little more passionate, and possibly open to hotter sex.
We say: Milk or dark, it’s all good, but the higher the cacao count the better.
They say: Enhances love and lust. And the scent has been proven to increase blood flow to the penis.
We say: Not Red Vines. (Sorry. Save those for movie night.) We’re talking about black licorice. Anise, which tastes like black licorice, is an aphrodisiac too and rumored to help calm menstrual cramps. (Double bonus!)
Mangoes, Strawberries, Papaya, and Peaches.
They say: Some compounds in these fruits support and nourish our hormones, thereby improving sexual health. Also, these fruits can look very erotic and heighten your sensuality when eaten as part of foreplay.
We say: Spend a Sunday in bed together. Bust out a plate of fresh fruit. Use ripe, juicy pieces. If you need to cut the fruit, slice thick, long pieces. Then feed each other. Suggestively.
They say: Prized as an aphrodisiac for centuries. Actually increased mating when tested on mice.
We say: Sprinkle nutmeg on top of your latte. If the nutmeg doesn’t turn you on, the caffeine in your coffee might. (Coffee is an aphrodisiac too.)
Want to learn more about aphrodisiacs? Gourmet Sleuth has a huge list of them. So does Discovery Health. And if you’re in NYC, there’s even the OralFix – a whole café devoted to serving them.

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