Wednesday, November 27, 2013

8 Summer Date Ideas !!!

8 Summer Date Ideas  - hearts sunset beach romance pictures image love

Summertime is here again. Whether you’re looking for some ideas to take that spring fling to the next step or looking to spice things up in your relationship, summer is a great time to try new things and get outside. Here are 8 suggestions to get you started…
Take a hike. Not only is it a great way to get some exercise, but dayhiking is a terrific way to get to know someone. Just think– feet aching, body sweating, you both take the final step onto the mountain’s pinnacle. But the panoramic view is worth every ounce of effort as the two of you share a sense of primal accomplishment.  Find new hikes near you at
Try something new. Rollerblading. Yoga. Kayaking at sunset. Painting. Fly-fishing. Rock climbing. Woodworking. Bird-watching. Try taking up a new hobby that you can both grow in together. Who better to enjoy the excitement and intrigue of the unfamiliar with than your favorite partner in crime?
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Support the arts. See some live music. Or dance. Or theater. There are many free or affordable outdoor arts events going on throughout the summer. You could also check out a new museum exhibit if the weather is looking grim. Not only will it be a fun night out, but supporting the arts is so important as our generations drift deeper into the maws of technology and politics.
Enjoy a candlelit dinner. Stop at your local farmer’s market and pick up some new and exciting ingredients with which to experiment. Eat your creation by candlelight with some relaxing music in the background. If cooking isn’t your forte, try going out to a new local restaurant.
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Berry love. Why not go berry picking? Not only do you get to eat sweet, succulent berries, but odds are someone will be baking a pie! And where there is pie, there is love…
Bicycling is built for two. Bike to the beach or a wildlife preservation. An opportunity to get outside together, have fun, AND be good to Mother Earth? Sign me up! Just make sure to pack a picnic– don’t forget the pie!
Go Camping. Sure, there are creepy crawlies and a whole lot of dirt. But there is also a serene canoe ride and skinny dipping in the moonlit lake. And perhaps a few libations to keep you warm in the tent at night. Form a connection without electronic distractions and really get to know each other. Live in the moment!
Stargazing. Mankind has been stargazing for thousands upon thousands of years. Search out the constellations with your partner on a crisp summer night. Bask in the sheer vastness of the universe, and maybe even spot a shooting star! Don’t miss the Delta Aquarids and the Perseids, which occur in late July/early August

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