Saturday, November 23, 2013

8 Sexy Lingerie Tips

 Sexy Lingerie

First of all, we feel compelled to remind you that lingerie does not make you sexy. Yes, it can add a sultry, coquettish touch, but if you really want to be a sex kitten, that comes from within. Your mind and all the sass, wit, kindness, passion, and confidence you convey will have a much greater influence on how sexy you are.
Plus, you could fool around in comfy PJs, hook up in hiking gear, or discard clothes altogether, and we’re pretty sure the person you’re doing isn’t going to complain. But, if you do enjoy making a risqué fashion statement in the bedroom, here are some links to inspire you.
  • Give ‘em something to look at. The Lingerie Addict has the most amazing boards on Pinterest. And we salute the way they embrace the subject matter: We believe lingerie is for everyone, no matter their size, shape, sexuality, age, ethnicity, race, or budget.
  • Eff oppressive industry norms. Think lingerie is for model types only? Banish that thought. Manifesta wants women to feel comfortable in their bodies and wear lingerie on their own terms. (We want that too!)
  • Underneath it all. Vogue’s guide to lingerie is impeccably dreamy and steamy. We were particularly enchanted by the Myla Mae soft bra and accompanying tie-side mini bottoms. (Oh who are we kidding, we love anything with marabou.)
  • Celebrity lingerie style. Find out where the stars shop and what they buy. From Birdies to Kiki de Montparnasse.
  • From Bettie Page to Dita Von Teese. Check out the history of lingerie in this series of photographs. You won’t believe how far we’ve come.
  • Obsessed. Curious about what’s cutting edge in lingerie? Petite Coquette is a luxury lingerie blog that’ll keep you current. Same with Lingerie Talk. And Guilty-Pleasures has reviews and tips on fit.
  • Overwhelmed? A sexy new bra is a good place to start your lingerie adventure. Brayola can help you find one that fits without trying on a thing. And here’s an awesome beginner’s guide to lingerie when you’re ready to shop for intimates.
  • Yes, this will probably lead to hot sex. So do not skip the birth control.
By the way, think there’s no way you could pull off lingerie? We’re quite certain that you can pull off anything. Seriously. Be the bra. (Or corset, chemise, or kimono.) It’s just a little fabric and you’re more than a little divine.

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