Sunday, October 20, 2013

Relationship Reboot: Make the Bedroom Romance-Ready !!!

Sweet-Romantic-Bedroom-with-Elegant-Red-Bedding-Theme - Relationship  Bedroom Romance

There’s nothing that’ll get you out of the mood faster than stepping over dirty socks, your kids’ toys, and dust bunnies the size of watermelons on your way to the bed.
Luckily, if you’re tired of doing it on the couch, it’s pretty easy to set a romantic mood in the bedroom. The National Sleep Foundation recently took a survey and found that men and women needed a few essentials to create a romantic setting in the boudoir. Missing a few of the essential elements? We’ll give you the quick fix:
Comfortable bedding
When it comes to your sheets, don’t pinch pennies. Invest in comfortable, soft sheets that feel good to the touch. It’ll be that much easier to roll around in them.
A clean room
Don’t leave tidying up for the evening hours—you’ll either end up cutting into your sleep time or sex time. Instead, make a habit of picking up after yourself as you go throughout the day, and make your bedroom a no-kids zone if you have little ones.
A quiet room
It’s hard to get in the mood when you’ve got car alarms or creepy nature sounds outside of your window. Quiet things down with a sound machine and blackout curtains, which can block 40 percent of outside noise.
Fresh air
The air purifier is your friend, and a bouquet of flowers on the nightstand never hurt anyone either.
A relaxing bath or shower before bed
A shower for two? Even better.
A dark room
Remember those blackout curtains you picked up to block out noise? They’ll also block out 99 percent of light.

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