Friday, October 18, 2013

Relationship Reboot: Go on a Double Date !!

Relationship Reboot: Go on a Double Date  - friends - party

Two’s company, sometimes three’s a crowd…but what about four? Chances are, if you and your partner are like two peas in a pod, sometimes you’re two peas who are kind of sick of each other, in a pod that seems to be closing in on you.
Why not mix it up with a double date? Last year, a study found that the couple who double dates together, stays together. Researchers at Wayne State University found that couples who integrate other couples into their social lives are more likely to have happy and satisfying romantic relationships.
Just don’t make it a movie date. You’ll reap the benefits if the date activity includes what researchers call “high disclosure” conversation—think intense discussion, not small talk about the weather.
Why do relationships benefit from discussion-heavy foursomes? It’s a novel interaction—and couples reported that they learned new things about their partner when chatting with a new twosome. They also said the new friendship put a spark in their own relationship, making them feel much closer to their romantic partners.
New friends and a new spark? Sounds like a win-win to us.

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