Friday, October 18, 2013

Relationship Reboot: Celebrate a Weird Anniversary

Relationship Reboot: Celebrate a Weird Anniversary - drink alcoholic drinks

I’ll be honest…I never really got the point of celebrating monthly anniversaries. Not to say that a year together is somehow more significant than 11 months, but if you ask me, a monthly appointment is for paying your credit card bills, tampon purchases, and getting your eyebrows waxed, not revving up the romance.
That said, I’m also a hypocrite—because I love the idea of celebrating the weird anniversaries, noting special dates that aren’t just related to your first date or the date of your wedding. It’s light-hearted, low-pressure, and a great excuse to walk down memory lane. Plus, you can fudge the exact date a bit if you can’t remember it.
This month, why not celebrate…
  • The day you made it Facebook official
  • The first time you said “I love you”
  • The first time you knew you wanted to say it
  • The day you got a pet together
  • …or a plant
  • The first time you slept together
  • The first time you actually slept together
  • The weekend you met each other’s parents and survived
  • Your first trip together

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