Sunday, October 20, 2013

In Relationships, Undivided Attention is Necessary

In Relationships, Undivided Attention is Necessary - man woman romance love

My fiancé and I just returned from two days in Yosemite.  It was a wonderful trip – despite the fact that it was raining constantly.  We were able to get a little bit of hiking in – but more important was the time we spent together without distractions.
My fiancé left his phone at home and I had no signal.  We did not bring our computers or iPads so, even though we spent more time driving around the park than hiking, we still had two entire days to dedicate our complete attention to each other.  Though we spend a great deal of time together and we make a point of respectfully listening to one another, the two-day respite from technological distractions was refreshing.
In any kind of relationship, it is important that we set aside time to give our undivided attention to one another.  Even if the topics of conversation are not particularly deep, simply being fully present for one another is invaluable.  We do not often take time to do that these days.  Technology is a blessing in many ways, but it has its downfalls, as well.
Being constantly connected often takes us away from the present moment.  For example, tweeting about the concert you are attending takes you away from the present experience of the concert.  This inability to be present is possibly most detrimental when it comes to relationships.  When we notice that others are not giving us their full attention, we feel as if they do not regard what we are saying as important.  Creating time and space to devote to truly listening to and communicating with others, therefore, is extremely important to the maintenance of healthy relationships.

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