Tuesday, October 22, 2013

How to Tell If He’s the One? Go Off the Pill

How to Tell If He’s the One? Go Off the Pill - pills medicine treatment

I can’t say I’ve ever thought to go off the Pill as a means to a happily-ever-after end, but a recent study has me thinking about the link between oral contraceptives and relationship happiness.
Were you on the Pill when you met your current partner? According to results published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, your birth control may have skewed your taste when you picked him. The study found that women on oral contraceptives showed a weaker preference for “manly” men (those with high testosterone levels)—and they were less attracted to and less sexually satisfied with their partners.
The silver lining is a big one, though—Pill users were actually less likely to separate from their partners, happier with their partner’s financial support than non Pill users, and more satisfied with the non-sexual aspects of the relationship. One possible cause for this? Men with lower testosterone—the ones Pill users are more likely to pick—tend to be more faithful than more “masculine” men, which of course is most likely to lead to a happier union.
I can’t help but feel like, for Pill users like me, these are findings best read about and promptly forgotten. Unless, of course, you want to test your relationship by going off your oral contraceptives and seeing whether your guy still appeals to you or whether you start having eyes for the hunky mail room guy (better to find out sooner than when you’re trying to procreate?)
What about you—are these findings giving you pause?

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