Monday, August 5, 2013

5 Tips for Making Your Relationships Sacred !!!!

5 Tips for Making Your Relationships Sacred  - woman holding flowers roses - happy-man-and-woman-outdoor-in-winter

Whether it’s a love relationship or a relationship with a friend or family member—one of the missing ingredients from nearly all relationships today is the feeling and living from the idea that the relationship is sacred.
How would you treat an object or artifact that you considered to be sacred?
What if it was a one-of-a-kind family heirloom?
Would you make sure that it didn’t get broken?
Would you make sure that your dog didn’t chew it into a million pieces?
Would you want to display it proudly for the world to see?
Unfortunately in today’s world, this isn’t how we treat our most intimate and special relationships—and we should.
In intimate or other special relationships, we believe that passion doesn’t have to die. And to do this, you have to treat the relationship as sacred.
The two of us learned the hard way that in order for a relationship, especially an intimate one, to thrive and grow throughout the years, you have to treat it as sacred and the other person as your best friend.
Neither one of us knew the meaning of “sacred relationship” and certainly didn’t do what it took to have one in our previous marriages—and both of those marriages ended in divorce.
When the two of us got together, we created our meaning of “sacred relationship” and have lived it ever since. It’s the juice that keeps our relationship passionate and alive for over 15 years (as of this writing).
Our definition of “sacred relationship” is that we hold our relationship above all others. We live from that place in our daily lives, looking for the good rather than tearing each other down.
By making our relationship sacred and living in this place, our relationship continues to be better and better, instead of dying on the vine. We focus on how we can make our relationship even better and not just on how we can co-exist.
Here are 5 tips on how to make any relationship sacred that we use every day in our relationship…

1. When a negative thought comes up about the other person, focus on what you are grateful for and shift to something positive.
While we in no way encourage you to close your eyes to a situation that you need to address, we do suggest that you shift negative thoughts that you replay repeatedly in your mind that may or may not be true.
2. Go on a no-blame, no judgment diet.
Blaming can kill a relationship. Find a way to open to a solution rather than blaming and judging.
3. Consider every moment sacred.
Know that if you do anything other than that, you’ll never get that moment back. You’ll never get that opportunity to love again so take make every moment count with the people you care about.
4. Get curious, honoring the other person’s path—whatever that path is.
When you get curious about what makes the other person tick, even though you may not agree, you are showing respect and that respect fosters openness where you can find a solution to any problem
5. Question your stories.
When you question your stories about yourself and the other person, you open to loving and ease, as well as deepening your connection with each other.
This is part of our definition of a “sacred relationship” and we invite you to create your own definition and live by it. If you do, you’ll find that your happiness will increase more than you ever dreamed possible.

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