Monday, July 8, 2013

How Love Can Keep You Honest ??!!

How Love Can Keep You Honest  - love romance romantic

I have issues with uncertainty. When I don’t know what lies ahead, I tend to feel uncomfortable. Decision-making is sometimes difficult for me because the inability to know how a particular decision will play out sometimes leads me to paralysis. However, my meditation practice has helped me with this. Quieting my mind and experiencing the present moment helps to silence the anxiety and appreciate the beauty of the unexpected.
Sometimes, though, I slip up. In the heat of the moment, when I am most intensely feeling the fear of making a mistake – choosing a path that will lead to failure or intensity – it is difficult for me to remember the lessons I’ve learned from my practice.
This is often where my fiancé comes in. He reminds me to be authentic, to practice what I know I believe. My first reaction to this sometimes is to become defensive, but on reflection, I recognize the truth of what he says. I am trying to lead an intentional life, and my fiancé understands what those intentions are. He keeps me honest and brings me back to my intentions and beliefs when I am too worked up to remember them myself. Helping someone remain true to her authentic self is an amazing expression of love.

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