Monday, July 8, 2013

7 Libido Boosters from Around the World !!!

7 Libido Boosters from Around the World  - red hot chili peppers

It’s a fact: 30 percent of American women have low sexual desire. To lift your libido, there are several little-known tricks you can try. Have fun testing out these alternative libido-stimulating options.
1. SPICY FOODS: Spicy foods get your blood flowing and naturally turn up the heat in your body (which also fires up your metabolism). A few international flavors to include into your dishes:
–Mexico: Jalapeno peppers and Habanero chillies
–Louisiana: Tabasco sauce is an all-American hot sauce consisting of mashed, aged red peppers, combined with vinegar and salt
–India: Curry comes in several colors and intensities. It’s a mix of spices including hot turmeric.
–Thailand: Sriracha is a super hot chili sauce or paste often found in Asian restaurants
–Japan: Wasabi, the Japanese horseradish often found in sushi
–South Africa: Peri Peri sauce from Peri Peri chilies

2. YOGA: Yoga is more than a flexibility-making om session. According to Beverly Whipple, PhD., certified sex researcher and Professor Emerita at Rutgers University of New Jersey, certain yogic positions, like the Eagle pose, directs blood flow to your pelvis, creating a warm and relaxed sensation, increasing desire and arousal.

3. BLACK LICORICE: Huge in Finland… black licorice is the candy that just might get you in the mood to get randy! A study conducted by Alan R. Hirsch, neurological director, Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago, revealed that women who were exposed to the scent of black licorice reported a 13 percent increase in blood flow to the nether regions compared to a1 percent reduction from the scent of men’s cologne!
4. GINGER: You don’t have to travel to Japan (though if you can, why not…) to sample this stimulating root. Particularly revved up after a Sushi date? It may be the Ginger, which is a powerful circulatory system stimulant, sending blood to the sexual organs…
5. CHOCOLATE AND WALNUTS: Stimulate even more of your senses with chocolate and walnuts. Chocolate instantly boosts production of phenylethylamine, a chemical that directly affects the brain’s pleasure center, increasing the intensity of orgasms! Walnuts are loaded with manganese, which can activate an increase in your body’s release of the “feel good” chemical dopamine.

6. EAT BUGS: According to ancient Chinese belief and herbalist Ron Teegarden, ants and male silk moths are effective sexual tonics. Ant, known as the “Herb of Kings,” improves sexual function and increases virility and fertility while easing anxiety and stress (which is often to blame for low sex drive). To up your guy’s ante, slip him a few squirts of male silk moth. Rich in protein and male hormones, male silk moth accelerates the growth of sperm.
7. WORKOUT: Libido is both about a chemical and emotional high. More than mentally being in the mood, if you want to have better sex, you’ve got to get the blood flowing! How? Specific stretches, cardio, strength, and a lower back massage helps too. The great new is, you can do this libido lifter without leaving your house, or anywhere else in the world. Follow these top eco-friendly workout tips.

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