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How to Identify Your Intuitive Style ?

How to Identify Your Intuitive Style  - humans two heads universal world wide

I think it helps your intuition be more detailed and clear when you identify your intuitive style. You likely use a few different styles, but it will help if you know your primary style. By focusing on your strength you can better find intuitive techniques that match you. Sometimes people are so used to their way that they don’t even recognize it! So it might help you to develop another style so you better trust and enhance your primary strength!
Intuitive Styles
* Clairvoyance: Clear seeing. Seeing in the mind’s eye is a lot like seeing a memory or imagining a vision or picture, though sometimes it is stronger like a presence right there. (Do you tend to learn visually?)
* Clairaudience: Clear hearing. Hearing in the mind’s ear is a lot like remembering a sound, though sometimes it is a lot stronger and I literally turn around. It may be words, letters, music, or any sound. (Do you tend to learn by listening?)
* Clairsentience: Clear sensing. This is really feeling vibes in your body. Tingles, goosebumps, electricity, lump in throat, tickle in ear, etc. (Do you tend to learn by doing, touching or get strong sensations in your body?)
* Claircognizance: Clear knowing. “I just know” is so close to a crystal clear thought, but it comes more from the belly than the mind. It has a ring, ping, and clearness to it. A purity. Not so thick or dense as many thoughts. (Do you tend to get strong gut feelings without knowing why?)
With all that said, I’ve had psychic smells, too.
Clairaliance: clear smelling (a favorite of spirits for connecting, mediumship)
Clairambience: clear tasting
So don’t feel you need to put yourself in one of these labels; describe what you experience in your own words.
Developing a Secondary Style to Strengthen Your Primary Style
Often, your secondary style or developing another style is the KEY to trusting your primary style. For example, I am mostly claircognizant. I just know. I know what happened to this person this morning. It’s just there. I was so used to how I sensed things that I didn’t even know it wasn’t a thought! And I didn’t even realize others didn’t experience what I did. Once I developed clairsentience and feeling a tingly vibe, I noticed that I got that tingly sensation whenever I had a claircognizant impression. So I began to notice my intuitive hits and trust them. Identify a secondary style to practice and notice what happens!
The key is becoming acutely aware of what you are experiencing– to notice how you perceive, not just what you perceive.
Match Techniques to Your Style:
Once you identify your style or your interest, then look for techniques that will allow you to see, hear, feel, or know.
* clairvoyant (seeing): may benefit from using something like cards, visualizations, journeying
* clairaudient (hearing): may benefit from asking for an intuitive conversation or music
* clairsentient (feeling in body): may benefit from asking to feel it in your body, or ask for a body signal when you get an intuitive insight (shivers, goosebumps, ringing in ear…) or holding an object to sense its vibrational information
* claircognizant (knowing) may benefit from intending intuitions to come in belly or above head or in some way distinguished from other thoughts; also helps to talk to different parts of yourself (spirit name, ego/personality name) and notice the voice of each so when you get an intuition you are more likely to notice it and not reason it away
To trigger and enhance a style, I sometimes use language like, “louder please.” Or I am willing to see. I am open to hearing. What did you say? Where in the body is this happening and what density is it? Turn the volume up. Show me on a screen, please. This creates a trigger and tunes me to pay attention to that particular sense. I also approach intuition as a natural ability, a natural sense, expecting it.
And everything, everything, everything to enhance your ability to use your other five senses will make your sixth, intuitive sense, stronger!style.html#ixzz2Vv7CYGKa

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