Friday, June 7, 2013

A Gift for Women Worldwide from Heifer International

A Gift for Women Worldwide from Heifer International

“I’m giving my mom the perfect gift for Mother’s Day: HOPE.”
~Eleanor Lambert, speaking of her mother, Diane Lane

Join actress Diane Lane’s daughter, Eleanor Lampert, in giving the gift that will keep on giving. The joy of learning about the ways to help others perhaps is the greatest gift that can be shared between mother and child. Heifer International is outfitting the world with animals, education, and support. Moo! — 
Editor’s Note from Susan Lutz

“My mom is a strong woman. On a Heifer International study tour to Rwanda, she and I saw other strong women working hard to feed their families with the gifts of livestock and training from Heifer. Since then, I’ve worked to support Heifer and I urge you to join us. Heifer’s WiLD (Women in Livestock Development) Fund supports projects made up exclusively of women… It’s the perfect gift for women worldwide.”
Diane Lane first heard of Heifer International at a party at the Los Angeles home of friends Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen, where she mingled with guests, petted a llama and learned how livestock and community development can overcome poverty.
Soon after, she started thinking seriously about seeing Heifer’s work for herself and giving her daughter a look at a world beyond the Hollywood hills.
So when she and daughter Eleanor, 15, arrived in Kigali, Rwanda, in August 2008, they came as regular study tour members. Though famous for her starring roles in such movies as The Perfect Storm, Under the Tuscan Sun and Unfaithful, Lane wanted her visit to Rwanda to be a non-celebrity undertaking. On this trip, the Oscar-nominated actress focused on exposing her child to a wider worldview.
Seeing Heifer’s work firsthand left Lane with a new understanding of hope amid impoverished conditions.
“To bring the poor out of that kind of poverty is critical. The bottom line is we are all human and we have a basic set of requirements, and the unfairness of deep poverty is hard to witness without acting against it. Witnessing that kind of poverty within the frame of reference of Heifer’s work is profoundly inspiring,” she said. “For my daughter and me to behold some healing of those wounds made all the difference for me as a mother.”
This Spring, Eleanor is honoring her mom with a WiLD gift — a gift Eleanor knows firsthand will go to help women around the world come out of poverty. Will you join her and honor a special woman in your life this year?
Give a WiLD Gift.
Honor a Woman in Your Life.

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