Wednesday, June 5, 2013

4 Thanksgiving Relationship Tips !!!

4 Thanksgiving Relationship Tips - family dinner

Pumpkin pie! Family! More pumpkin pie! There’s plenty to love about Thanksgiving, but let’s be real—it can get hectic, and if you’re celebrating with a significant other, it can take its toll on your relationship.

But not this year! This year you have better things to do, like fighting Aunt Sue for that drumstick and setting a personal record for amount of gravy consumed. Follow these tips for surviving this Thanksgiving with your honey:

1. Communicate Need-to-Know Info
If you’re meeting each other’s families for the first time, this can mean anything from a heads up about your Uncle Larry’s angry political ranting to details like “make sure you compliment my mom’s outfit. She sold the couch to pay for it.”

2. Have a Schedule
Whether you have flights to catch, groceries to buy, food to cook, or errands to run, make sure you’re both on the same page as to your schedule—both of you should have flight info, recipes, grocery lists, and a shared to-do list. You should feel like you’re on the same team, not like one of you is slacking or clueless. Plus, there’s nothing like realizing no one picked Grandma up from the airport to ruin your post-turkey nap.

3. Sneak Off for Alone Time
Sure, it’s a holiday that’s all about family time and togetherness… but all that togetherness can really make you crazy. Reconnect with a little one-on-one time—take a post-gorging walk around the block, pick up coffee for the family the morning after, or offer to run a last-minute errand together (whoops! No one remembered to buy the turkey!)

4. Give Thanks for Each Other
No time like Thanksgiving to get schmaltzy and tell your significant other how much you appreciate them and why. Once you’re home and the festivities are behind you, you can REALLY thank ‘em,  ifyaknowwhatimean.

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