Saturday, June 29, 2013

15 Ways to Choose Quality Over Quantity !!!

15 Ways to Choose Quality Over Quantity - woman girl choose clothes pick up wear closet

“Quality is not an act. It is a habit.” — Aristotle
We live in an age of more, more, more! But hey, one piece of quality chocolate tastes so much better than 10 sub-standard pieces of candy, right? A single fresh red rose can put a whole bunch of wilting blossoms to shame. Less really is more, sometimes. Small really can be beautiful, provided it is of good quality.
Some simple ways to choose quality over quantity:
  • Cut household clutter. It creates chaos.
  • Say no to social obligations that drain and strain you. Get a few meaningful things done at a time.
  • Invest intelligently. Choose a few quality mutual funds over several dicey ones, for example.
  • Find time for your few good friends instead of maintaining scores of ‘contacts.’
Your Life Online
  • How many email IDs do you have? Keep just two: one for official and one for personal mails.
  • How many social networking forums are you signed up for? It’s nice to connect, but each new contact is a demand on your time and space.
  • How many old files do you have on your system? Press the Delete button. Free up space, and your mind.
At Home
  • Scattered beanbags, cane chairs, stools… or a simple sofa set with clean lines?
  • Ten pairs of mismatched curtains or three well-maintained, neatly stitched sets?
  • Dozens of curios and collectibles scattered all over the house, gathering dust, or a few classy, clean pieces?
  • 100 trashy ‘bestsellers’ that you do not need, or a neat row of books you will actually read?
You decide.

In your Wardrobe
Did you know? Most of us wear 20% of our stuff 80% of the time. Come on, if you haven’t worn those clothes and shoes in a year, you probably won’t ever. Give them away to charity, or hand them down to needy kids. Don’t buy stuff just because it’s on sale. Invest in a few classic suits and accessories that will last.
On Your Cosmetics Shelf
You buy a low-cost moisturizer to save money. But that isn’t always wise. A good product is a good product. It boasts painstaking (cruelty-free) laboratory research. It feels better, delivers better, and lasts longer, too. For example, an ‘expensive’ serum may actually work out to be quite ‘reasonable’ when you consider how little of it you need to use everyday.

Quality Time
Be it a game of cards, a cooking session or a quiet evening together, ‘quality time’ is always special because it has an intensity and sincerity to it. So much better than spending hours with each other without really communicating.

Notable Exceptions
Sure, quality wins over quantity. Almost always. But do break the rule when it comes to giving away hugs and kisses, and smiles and gifts!

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