Friday, May 3, 2013

What to Avoid While on Antibiotics ??!!

Pizza - What to Avoid While on Antibiotics ??!!

Medicines are always unpleasant guests in our system that disrupt the balance and the set pattern internally. Antibiotics, when prescribed by the doctor, must be taken on time along with detailed attention to food intake. Read through to find out what all must be avoided while on antibiotics:

1. Alcohol
Alcohol is the system’s worst enemy while consuming antibiotics. This liquid is known to reduce the effect that the medicine is ideally going to have on
your body. Alcohol consumption not only lowers the speed of the process of healing but also hampers the effect in the longer run. In order to ensure perfect results, you must avoid food items that contain alcohol, mouthwashes, syrups etc.

2. Dairy Products
Dairy Products like milk, yogurt, cottage cheese etc are known to dampen the effect of the antibiotic drug you are taking to heal the ailment. Doctors
recommend staying away from these products since they can worsen the situation by aggravating diarrhea, which is a side effect of consuming these drugs.

3. Fibrous Foods
While on antibiotic medication, you must avoid the intake of foods rich in fiber like green leafy vegetables and beans. These foods are known to
interfere with the overall absorption process of these drugs. Also these foods like dairy products intensify diarrhea.

4. Foods With High Acidic Content
Acidic foods like lemons, tomatoes, sweet limes and other beverages can prove to be a roadblock in the healing process if you are under antibiotic
medication. These ingredients when consumed can impede the absorption process of the medicines in the body. 

5. Heavy Food
Any kind of food that is heavy on the digestive system should be avoided during this time frame. Sometimes difficult to digest foods can prove harmful and cause a hindrance in the
healing process. Resort to simply cooked and light food to ensure the necessary medicinal properties to be absorbed by the body. Antibiotics are drugs that heal you quicker but, in the process, disrupt the regular systems of your body. Hence, while consuming these drugs it is imperative for you to consult your doctor, maintain timeliness in its consumption and monitor the intake of food to ensure best results.  

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