Friday, May 3, 2013

Red meat....All you need to know !!!

Red meat....All you need to know  - knife cut meat slice

Red Meat is a preferred and loved by many.

However, there have been a number of doubts about this high-protein and iron-rich meat. Below are a few facts that a red meat eater must be well versed with.

1. Rich source of nutrition
Red meat is considered to be an exceptional source of protein and energy. It supplies the body with iron, Vitamin B 12 which promotes a healthy nervous system and, the essential, zinc that helps boost your immunity system.

2. Helps lower Blood Pressure
Lean red meat is a source of protein and also contains a certain type of amino acid that facilitate in lowering blood pressure.

3. Promotes a healthy heart
The type of meat one chooses plays a very important role in the effect it has on your body. Lean red meat contains low saturated fat unlike the fat rich options, which aids the reduction of cholesterol levels and ultimately promotes the health of your heart.

4. Increases the risk of cancer
There have been a number of reports which claim that eating red meat on a regular basis increases the risk of suffering from cancer; particularly colon cancer.

5. Causes Diabetes
Another health hazard that you might be risking yourself to by consuming red meat is diabetes. Obesity and diabetes are known to have a direct link with the intake of the meat derived from cows.

6. Affects Fertility in Men
The consumption of red meat, high in saturated fats, is known to affect the fertility in men. Research has shown that its intake in immoderate amounts result in inferior quality of sperm.

7. Contributes in Weight Gain
It is important to check the cut of the red meat that you are consuming, since there are cuts that are rich in saturated fats. When you eat these cuts, it can certainly lead to weight gain, which is a crucial factor in causing many health issues.

8. Causes Food Poisoning
The preparation style and the quality of red meat that you eat must be kept under check since this kind of meat is known to cause a number of illnesses like food poisoning.

Red meat has both positive and negative effects on your health. In order to avoid any issues, it is important to ensure that you are eating the right type of red meat, as well as in moderation.

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