Friday, May 24, 2013

Pre-Workout Foods You Should Be Having

Pre-Workout Foods You Should Be Having - dark

When you suddenly start off with a workout routine your body goes through lot of damage control. The excess fat in your body starts breaking down as a result of the new regime. Your eating habits need to change as your body needs more protein, calcium and water than what you normally would have consumed. What you eat before your workout is crucial as it will help you enhance your performance during the workout and boost your energy levels too. So what is it that you can eat before you work out? Read on to find out what are the pre-workout foods you should be having.

Banana contains carbohydrates that can be easily digested. Banana also contains potassium which improves the nerve functions. Potassium also helps you during your workout by keeping
your muscles strong during your weight trainings. You can also eat any other fruit that contains natural sugar and will not add calories but at the same time provide you with enough energy to keep you going through your workout.

A bowl of low fat yogurt can be a perfect snack for you before you hit the gym. Yogurt contains magnesium which enhances your energy by releasing enzymes that break down the proteins
and carbohydrates. Apart from this, it also gives you energy to lift weights by increasing your strength and stamina.

Oats are fibrous and thus, easy to digest. The carbohydrates in it get released in the blood and thus boosts your energy. Vitamin B in oatmeal lowers stress and helps convert the
carbohydrates into usable energy. Fix yourself a cup of oatmeal before you work-out. It can be a good breakfast option for those of you who prefer working out in the morning.

Don’t misjudge them as fattening because the fats that almonds contain are monounsaturated fats. The kind of fats you should completely avoid before
workout would include butter or cheese products as they will make you lazy and tired. Almonds also contain omega 3s that instantly energise your mind.

Lentils contain Vitamin B, fibre, carbs, magnesium, zinc, potassium and calcium. Lentils contain all the contents that we told you individually in the above ingredients. Apart from this, it is
very low on calories. Eat a small bowl of sprouted lentils and add a pinch of rock salt for taste. But don’t overdo it as you might end up getting an upset stomach.

When you need an instant energy boost, chocolates can come in really handy. Chocolates contain compounds that help you gain energy. But watch it and eat only a little, as a bar of
chocolate abounds in sugar, fat and calories. Opt for dark chocolate as it contains lesser calories than all the other chocolates. Eating right before you work out is a complete no no. Eat atleast half an hour to forty-five minutes before yo hit the gym. If your routine includes swimming, then do not eat anything for an hour before you take a dip. These foods in small proportions will help you work-out for a longer time and you won’t be forced to quit your workout midway to satisfy your hunger pangs.

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