Friday, May 3, 2013

Postures to Avoid When Exercising !!!

Postures to Avoid When Exercising !!!

Your plan to get in shape might just backfire if you don’t heed to some basic pointers.

People often don’t realize that exercises must be done whilst maintaining a proper posture. Exercises done with a bad posture have a negative effect on the body and can even lead to serious injuries. Read on to find out more about postures that are to be avoided while exercising.

1. Presses
While doing bench presses or military presses, it is important not to arch your back as this may lead to sprain and back pain. Your feet should be placed flat on the floor, your butt should stick to the bench and your lower back should have a little curve while doing bench presses.

2. Squats
It is important to keep your body perfectly aligned while doing squats especially when you are doing it with barbell weights. Equally distribute your weight on your two legs and face forward at all times. Avoid locking your knees and arch your back only a little while executing the squat.

3. Push up
Push ups, though one of the simplest exercises, can also go wrong. Never try push ups on an unequal footing. Do not set your hands apart more than a little from your shoulder width. Maintain a straight body form when you execute the push up.

4. Crunches
Many people have a habit of placing their hands behind their neck when executing stomach crunches. While the position is not the problem, you tend to push your neck by the means of your hand, which causes neck pain.

5. Extend
While engaging in most exercises, people tend not to extend their muscles. This should be avoided as your joints are kept from being mobile and your muscles can get easily strained. Execute each movement by fully extending the body part involved.

6. Pull Ups
Pull ups are also a great exercise that adds up to the strength of your shoulder, back and arms. Always lock out your arms fully after completing a pull up and do not let your body go loose. Maintain tension in the body and pull up while keeping the body straight.

7. Dead Lifts
You will be in a world of pain if you arch your back while engaging in a dead lift. It is important to keep your back and knees perfectly straight during a dead lift.

8. Keep it Slow and Smooth
While doing weight training always keep in mind not to jerk a lot. Always continue in a smooth and gradual motion. This way you will add up more strength to your body and also avoid major injuries.

Exercises are meant to add to the strength and shape of your body, but doing them wrong can add to your pain and injury. Always remember that doing it right is more important than just doing it.

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