Friday, May 3, 2013

Monsoon Foods: Watch What You Eat

Meat raw red - Monsoon Foods: Watch What You Eat - Avoid Non Vegetarian Food

Monsoon is a season of fun, frolic and excitement. Along with this, the season also brings with itself a number of infections and diseases. In order to enjoy the season thoroughly without falling prey to infections you need to watch what you eat.

1. Water:
One of the most essential things that you need to be careful about is the water you consume. Drinking clean, boiled water in this season must be made a practice. If you are traveling, it is imperative that you drink clean bottled water.

2. Stay away from outside Food:
Eating from local food stalls should be reduced to bare minimum since the water used to cook the food can result in contracting any kind of sickness. Uncovered, cold and unhygienic food should certainly be out of your diet in this season. Stick to consuming simple home cooked food in monsoon.

3. Clean Vegetables and Fruits:
In this season where the air and water are carriers of infection, it is important to wash the vegetables and fruits thoroughly before consumption. Green Leafy vegetables should be carefully picked and then cleaned to make them bacteria free.

4. Avoid Non Vegetarian Food:
All the non-vegetarian food lovers will need to be on guard since eating meat is certainly not recommended during the season. Raw seafood should be kept at bay to prevent any kind of monsoon infections.

5. Uncooked Food:
Eating uncooked food like salads, cut fruits, chaats, fruit juices should be avoid during monsoon since cold food is a possible carrier of infection. The time and method of preparation of food is something that one needs to be careful about.

6. Fried Food:
Oily and deep fried snacks and foods may seem a treat to the tongue, but avoiding this food is essential. Eating oily food creates a number of problems in digestion particularly in this season.

7. Natural Foods:
Natural foods and remedies to stay away from infection should be tried this monsoon. Drink a glass of freshly made radish juice to cure monsoon diseases. You must include easy to digest spices like garlic, jeera powder, turmeric in your diet this monsoon.
Taking good care of your health and watching what we consume in monsoon is extremely crucial. Having a cautious attitude and maintaining basic hygiene of the body can help you keep infections away.

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