Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast !!!

Best Foods to Eat for Breakfast !!!

The meal that defines the rest of your day and supplies the body with all essential nutrients, minerals and the required energy is breakfast. Here are some foods that are perfect to start your day with:

A tall glass of low fat milk can be a part of your daily breakfast. There are numerous additions that can be made to the glass to make it interesting for you, chocolate syrup being a favorite with most people.

For the ones who work and have time only for a quick breakfast, various options available in cereals today can prove to be the right choice. Whole wheat, oats and other nutritious grain cereals when consumed with milk and or fruits will not only fill you up but also give your body the required nutrition to pump you up for the day.

Rich in proteins, eggs can also be a part of the breakfast for the eggeterians. You can try different egg preparations like omelet, boiled eggs, French toast etc. with bread and vegetables to keep this meal an attractive one for you.

Whole wheat or multi grain breads and bagels available in the market today can be toasted, grilled or simply eaten with milk for breakfast. This rich, fibrous option is easy to prepare and can be used to make a mini sandwich with vegetables, mushrooms and meat.

Vegetables can be a perfect source for all significant fiber, vitamins required by the body. Spinach, carrots, beetroots and other vegetables of your choice can be used to make a healthy sandwich or blended into a soup for breakfast.

Fruits and Dried fruits
Fruits of different varieties can be an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals derived in the first part of the day. Fresh and seasonal fruits are recommended with or without milk. Also, include a fistful of almonds, cashew nuts, and walnuts to your breakfast to make it a complete nutritious meal.

For the non-vegetarians, sausages or meat sandwiches can be the apt breakfast option. Couple these sandwiches with some fresh vegetables to give you the required vitamins too. 

Energy Bars
For people who are on the go and have no time to sit down and prepare a meal for breakfast can rely on energy bars which are a good combination of cereals, dried fruits combined with excellent flavor. Starting the day on a healthy note will not only promise a healthier body but a healthy mind too. Avoid skipping this golden meal of the day and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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