Tuesday, May 7, 2013

4 Sexy Qualities Both Men & Women Love !!!!

the true nature of sexuality - 4 Sexy Qualities Both Men & Women Love

We asked YourTango readers to tell us which of their body parts they like the best. Resoundingly, the answer we saw most was “eyes.” Of course, while physical attraction is important, overall attraction isn’t just about body parts. It’s also about those inexplicable qualities that create chemistry. So, we asked dating coach and YourTango Expert Janet Ong Zimmerman to weigh in on how any person can become more attractive — regardless of physical attributes — and here’s what she had to say:

1. Be real. 
Ever notice how you tend to gravitate towards a person who is comfortable in their own skin, who accepts and embraces their quirkiness, stands for what’s important to them and has their own opinions? A real person shows all of who they are and doesn’t try to hide their self-perceived bad sides. They’re authentic and express themselves openly with what they’re thinking and how they’re feeling without being overly concerned about how others view them.

2. Be vulnerable. 
Isn’t romantic love about having a meaningful connection with that special person? The more you can let someone in, the more they can get to know the real you. Vulnerability is the place where connection and true intimacy reside. When you’re vulnerable, you provide a safe space for your partner to be who they are and to express themselves openly.

3. Live passionately.
 Instead of putting your life on hold and waiting for someone else to add excitement to your life, find and live your own passions. This zest for life that radiates outward from doing what you love is extremely attractive to others. They will find it inspiring and uplifting to be around you because you’re engaged with and loving life.

4. See your partner through fresh eyes. 
No one likes to be taken for granted, but we all tend to do it, especially in long-term relationships. Appreciate and enjoy your partner for who they are and what they do. How? Be present with your partner instead of focusing on what they did wrong in the past or what might happen in the future.

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