Friday, April 5, 2013

Where To Meet Men ??!!

Where To Meet Men - dating

The key is to walk without being on the phone, or playing loud music on your mp3 player – you need to be pleasant and approachable.

Has your dating life been dryer than the Sahara? Can’t seem to find a date anywhere? If you’re in search of a new guy look no further than your every day surroundings! A polished appearance, approachable persona, and two eyes wide open can help you land you next date. Listed below are 5 ways to meet a guy in a snap!

1. Take A Walk In Your Favorite Neighborhood Solo
Ever tried it? If not, shame on you!  The neighborhood you love the most is a true reflection of who you are, who you aspire to be and what you love and there's a great chance he is interested in the same thing. Here's the thing, you've got to be comfortable being alone, the key is to walk without being on the phone, or playing loud music on your mp3 player – you need to be pleasant and approachable. Truly take this time to enjoy your surroundings and scout new man candy!

2. At The Grocery Store
The groceries people buy say a lot about who they are and whether or not they have a family. Look for these items when trying to spot a single hottie in the grocery store: beer (what man doesn't love this?), milk, frozen pizzas, protein shakes and supplements, and pre-packaged foods. A man who's taken probably doesn't shop alone, if he grocery shops at all, so look for the context clues in his cart! If you'd like a man who's more into their health, try a Trader Joe's and if you're into a man who loves the finer things try a luxe grocer like Whole Foods.

3. In Traffic
What better way to endure rush hour than to make eyes with the cutie in the next lane over? Hate to say it, but a car can also give you a bit of insight of what type of guy is riding in the driver's seat. If he's got an SUV he could be sporty or adventurous, or maybe he owns a big dog. A coupe or sports car? This guy may be a player – so take your time to feel him out. If he has a muscle car he loves working with his hands and is not afraid of committing to a long-term project.

4. At A Friend’s Get Together
This is one of the best ways to meet someone new. Since you're both at the same party, you already have something or someone in common, which helps the conversation flow. You can also get background details on him from your mutual friend but be sure to get to know him yourself. One person's experience may be completely different from another's so don't freak out if you hear less than flattering information, just take heed!

5. Museum Tour
Want a man that's cultured and open to new experiences? Museums or art galleries are a great place to find him! Museum tours offer a great opportunity to share an experience and to discuss thoughts and views around the exhibits, which will provide insight on the way he sees life. 

As you can see you can truly meet someone anywhere! Whether it's the a poetry set, a sporting event, or at a food truck during lunch – your next date is just around the corner if you're open. Walk out of the house with your best food forward (and your phone put away) and you're sure to win!

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