Sunday, April 14, 2013

Top 5 Deadliest Foods in The World !!!!

Top 5 Deadliest Foods in The World  - creatures deep sea frog

We can safely presume that humans have a tendency to try and consume anything and everything that catches their fancy. Sometimes it tastes just right, and sometimes it tends to suck the life out of you.

Here are a bunch of foods that’ll guarantee death once it’s down your throat!

1. Puffer Fish
Puffer Fish or blowfish is one of those fishes that blow up like a balloon when threatened, but that isn’t their only defensive move. They tend to kill its killer even after it has been killed. Confused? Well, puffer fish contains a tetrodoxin, a toxic chemical that can paralyse, freeze and lock your muscles which eventually leads choking. The problem occurs due to improper dissection before preparing. Unfortunately there isn’t any antidote available, so if you ever happen to have this fish in your meal, it may very well be your last.

2. Giant Bull Frog
These small cheeky things are a fad in Namibia. No harm in consuming them, but the real deal is when you try to eat the young ones. A mature Giant Bull frog is devoid of any poison, although the small premature bull frogs are the deadly ones. They hold a poison that is capable of causing temporary or permanent kidney failure. Doesn’t sound that much, but a non-functional part of your engine means that you will break down badly! Stay away from bull frogs, or better yet, stay away from frogs in general!

3. Ackee Fruit
A fruit from Africa that’s a big hit in Jamaica is a traditional delicacy consumed lavishly. And cradled inside this fruit is a seed that’s all set to take your life for what it’s worth. Seeds are usually supposed to give life, but this one takes it in a classy fashion. In small dosage, the Ackee seed can cause severe vomiting, but if consumed a tad too much it can lead to coma, and eventually death!

4. Mushrooms
Mushrooms are a delight to eat. Add them to your pasta, pizza, lasagne and they just liven up the taste. Some satisfy your hunger while others tend to give you a heavy dose of hallucinations! And then there are a few that’ll downright kill you. Some people prefer to pluck their mushrooms from the wild and some seem to be inefficient at deciphering the edible from the non-edible ones and that’s where it goes wrong. The non-edible ones can cause severe health issues and even death!

5. Octopus
Squids and octopuses are a delight to eat, especially when they are well-made with all the tossing in olive oil and garlic. Fascinatingly for some people, they prefer eating them raw, alive. Now no animal in the wild would appreciate being eaten alive, and hence the octopuses give in a fight before going down their killer’s throat. Tiny live octopuses that are consumable go straight inside an eater’s mouth, and once there they tend to wriggle and stick around with its tentacles and suction cups and not budge under the throat, causing the eater to eventually choke and die!

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