Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Success From The First Date - Part 3

Success From The First Date - Part 3

Your partner does not want to be the most important thing in your life. She wants you to have a mission which is infused with clarity and passion.

In this article, the third in a series of six, I will focus on some broad things that we might do to develop our own personal breadth. Choosing to do these three simple things will undoubtedly contribute to making you more interesting, skilful, and attractive; but even beyond that they will enrich your life and enable you to live your life with fullness and passion, making art out of every moment.

Be Clear About Your Purpose
The first and most important thing is learning to be clear about our purpose. Each of us has a particular purpose in this life and – although it may evolve over time – this will be the most important thing we will ever do. Each of us have the opportunity to make a lasting impact in the world we inhabit, to penetrate life with the power of our love and help something new to blossom, to leave the world just a little more beautiful than we found it. For many of us our first purpose is finding what our life purpose is. If this describes you, then you had best get started. Make setting aside time in solitude to clarify your life purpose (in a way that you can clearly articulate) a priority in your life.

The real revelation here is that your partner does not want to be the most important thing in your life. She wants you to have a mission which is infused with clarity and passion. (This, in most cases, or at least the illusion of this will likely be what attracts her to you in the first place). At the same time she will constantly test you and vie for your devotion. The point at which your primary focus in life shifts from your vision to your women is the point at which you will start to lose your appeal and you will only grow bitter from it.

Seek Out A Mentor
Development is contagious. The best way for us to grow is to be around people who are more developed than us and engage them meaningfully. Ultimately we want to create a life practice that helps us to develop on balance in as many ways as possible. This means surrounding ourselves with people who excel particular in the areas that we are lacking in. If you admire someone’s skill in charming and seducing women then make them your friend, learn from them. If you are starting to grow some love handles then find someone whose physique you admire and grow from them. Seek to develop these relationships in a conscious way and you can piggy back off of others growth and soon transcend them.

Live Life And Read Books
One of the most immediately attractive qualities that a person can possess is to be open to life. When people retract from life they cause others to retract from them. When a person opens themselves fully to life they shine and reflect the beauty of the world. There are many ways that we can enjoy life fully, but I will discuss only a few here.

Firstly, we can experience life in all of its different dimensions through our bodies (moving and using our senses), minds, and spirits. Secondly, we can expose ourselves to art. Thirdly, we can spend time in nature. Fourthly, we can network widely and master the art of conversation. Fifthly, we can travel to far off places. And, finally, books can take us to places that we can’t otherwise get to, so we should read a lot of them (as widely as possible). The truth is that reading is sexy.

Simply putting the three actionable things discussed in this article into play in your life will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, make you more skilful and beautiful in a short space of time. For me making that first date a little more playful and masterful is only one of the many wonderful side-effects of slowly evolving into the person you were born to be.

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