Monday, April 1, 2013

Stay Safe This Spring Break !!!

Stay Safe This Spring Break - party people at beach sea sand
While under the influence you may be inclined to say whatever, or just imagine everything will be fine, but it’s never fine to have unprotected sex with a stranger!

Whether you are a College Student finishing your mid-terms, or are newly single & ready to mingle, spring break is quickly approaching. Most media outlets have capitalized on the idea of spring break not being a time to relax & recuperate from a mentally exhausting lifestyle of studying & working, but rather being the ultimate time to party hardy and go all out. No matter where the week of spring break may take you, here are a few helpful tips to keep you safe on your excursion of self-discovery, or just plain fun.

Buddy Up
Spring break can be a time to let loose with a couple of drinks and maybe even meet some potential flings or lovers, but the key to keeping safe with strangers is to buddy up. Instate a responsible friend to partner up with to help keep each other safe. Both of you need to be responsible enough to watch each other’s drink intake, as well as to deter the more unsavory creepers. But don’t get in the way when it comes to your friend looking to get some! Spring break is a great way to meet a new FWB (Friend with Benefits), and this brings me to my second point.

Safety First
No matter how much alcohol you consume, there is no excuse to let your inhibitions slide in the bedroom. You’ve been on the prowl and have found a potential mate. You may not know anything about him or her other than a name, so the best way to hook up is to wrap it up! Using a condom and using it correctly can not only prevent unwanted pregnancy, but it can also protect you from a majority of STDs. While condoms aren’t foolproof or break-proof, when used correctly they are the closest thing to safe you’re going to get short of keeping your hands to yourself. While under the influence you may be inclined to say whatever, or just imagine everything will be fine, but it’s never fine to have unprotected sex with a stranger! And if you DO have unprotected sex, don’t wait for the call of shame, or for symptoms to appear – get tested right away.

Keep It Cool
There is more than one way to keep cool this spring break. Firstly, when the weather gets warmer and you are out drinking and dancing, you dehydrate more quickly. So instead of letting yourself get groggy, drink a glass of water between each alcoholic drink. It’s a great way to balance your liquids and keep yourself in a lucid state, avoiding overdoing it. And always have a couple of snacks on hand for when you get the drinking munchies. My guilty pleasure is granola bars and trail mix. They are both a great way to get a quick boost of energy and have some of the more ‘stable’ foods your body needs to keep up your stamina.

Secondly, alcohol and other mind-altering substances can wreak havoc on your emotional state. You need to keep your head cool as well as your body. If you find yourself about to rage and breathe fire at someone for a minor transgression, remove yourself from the situation immediately. Brush it off. Keep your mind cool by using some coping skills to temporarily deal with the situation until you have had time to sober up a bit and think it through appropriately. Coping skills can be anything from taking a walk, dancing some more, or even maybe just going back to the hotel for a quick shower to literally cool you off.

Spring break doesn’t always have to be a raging MTV-style party with casual sex everywhere you look. There are plenty of other fun ways to enjoy the break from your daily routine, like a spa-day with the girls followed by some epic shopping and cheesy movies. But if you do find yourself partying your spring break away, following these three guidelines will help make it a positive and potentially life-saving experience.

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