Friday, April 26, 2013

How to Get Rid Of Neck Pain !!!

How to Get Rid Of Neck Pain !!!

Neck pain is a potent result of bad posture.

Stiffness, twitching sensations and pain are some degrees of discomfort experienced by the afflicted. Here are some simple remedies for relief.

1. Exercise
The muscles around the neck are extremely sensitive to bad posture and strain. The only way to alleviate any form of discomfort is to release the tension out of those muscles. In this regard, some simple exercises targeting the shoulder and neck can help minimize the pain to a great extent. Here are some simple workouts which you can try.

a. Neck Rotation

This exercise is extremely helpful in determining the problem areas around the neck. By simply rotating the neck in a clockwise direction you will be able to unlock and ease any form of muscular pull or tension.

i. Step One
Hold your neck high and keep it straight.

ii. Step Two
Rotate your neck in a clockwise direction slowly till you arrive at your starting position.

iii. Step Three
After resting in your starting position for some time, repeat this exercise by rotating your head in the anti-clockwise direction.

b. Neck to Shoulder Push
This exercise aims at targeting the neck muscles and creating a tension at the base. By doing so, the muscles will be able to rectify the postural errors and restore the neck to perfect health.

i. Step One
Keep your neck straight and your shoulders flat.

ii. Step Two
Using your left hand, push your neck gently towards your right shoulder to as far as it can go. You will experience a tension at the base of the muscle. Hold the posture for at least five counts before returning to your original position.

iii. Step Three
This time use your right hand to push your neck towards the left shoulder. You should experience a taut pull in the neck muscles. If you feel pain then you are performing this exercise incorrectly.

iv. Step Four
Repeat this exercise by tilting your neck forward and backward. This movement will ease the muscles and release the pent up tension causing neck pain.

2. Neck Piece
Padded neck pieces are excellent remedies for reducing neck pains. These neck pieces work on the principle of correcting spinal posture. Often bad postural habits tend to disturb the spinal arrangement causing pain and discomfort. These neck pieces correct the alignment and keep the posture isolated, thereby reducing inflammation and pain. Consult your doctor on how to procure these neck pieces.

3. Balm
Sometimes painful sensations in the neck can be alleviated by topically massaging medical ointments. These ointments have a quick-reacting formula for fast permeation and instant relief. These are readily available in chemist shops for inexpensive prices. Massaging hot oils are also extremely helpful in alleviating neck pain. Pour a few drops of eucalyptus oil on your palm and massage it along your neck in circular motions.

By following the suggested steps, you will be able to get rid of your neck pain once and for all.

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