Sunday, April 28, 2013

Health Tips for Lazy People !!!

Health Tips for Lazy People  - lazy man guy sleeping

Dieting and working out is too much work! The early morning jogs and peanuts

 for food is not a viable option for the languorous kind. So should they let their health go for a toss? No! Here is how you can stay healthy at your laziest best.

1. Incorporate Workouts into Daily Routine
Let’s face it, no one loves to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to slump on workout gear and slog over the treadmill. Every time one resolves to make the effort, the bed seduces them back to sleep. While being lazy has its restful perks, it tends to tell upon health in the long run. So what should one do? Ideally the best ruse would be to incorporate workout strategies into the simple household chores. This way you’d get work done and lose weight in the process. Your automobile is your sworn enemy in this regard. Driving off to even the closest distances might make you comfortable, but it doesn’t improve your health. Try walking to places for a change. Take the stairs instead of using the lift. Ditch your washing machine and try washing clothes. Your housemaid will agree that it is one of the most rigorous chores that one can do.

2. Instant Healthy Meals
When it comes to cooking their food, most people like to initiate the minimum effort possible. They’d rather order out or resort to instant noodles to fill up their appetites. While Ramen noodles are a boon to the lazy, they are not excellent dietary choices. Ask your mother and she will preach the simple joys of eating home-cooked food. Who says that you need to whip up a culinary storm to satiate your appetite? Simple recipes available online can help you make your meals in the least possible amount of time. Still feeling lazy? Why not cook in bulk and refrigerate it to be able to enjoy your culinary masterpiece for days. One doesn’t need to harp on the health benefits of home-cooked food. Not only is it wholesome to taste, but is also nutritionally sound in every way.

3. Get a Pet to Improve Your Health
Getting a pet to care for might be the smartest decision you’ve made in your lazy life. Getting a pet is rightfully equated with having a baby. It takes efforts to raise a pet, to meet with its daily needs and to care for it. While you pamper your furry friend, you will inadvertently end up nursing your laziness up to optimum health. How, you ask? Simple. Raising a dog demands a proactive lifestyle. You constantly have to be on your toes to be able to keep tabs on the pet, feed it on time and make sure it gets its proper exercise. This way you get to chase him around or be chased around in the process. Either way, you’re getting some much-needed exercise. Apart from physical well being, having a pet also improves mental health. Having a pet gives you enough mental support to deal with problems in life, cope with stress and depression.

4. Exercise While Watching TV
Are you a couch potato? Yes? Did you know that the lack of muscular activity can lead to degenerative atrophy? It means that the longer you stay inactive, the quicker your body turns to a literal vegetable. So, instead of burying your existence on the couch so deep that some archaeologist finds you as a relic in the future, get off your behind and flex those muscles. By this one doesn’t mean hitting the gym. One wouldn’t want to miss out on their favourite shows for the world, instead perform some healthy exercises on the couch. Sit-ups and crunches are such versatile workouts that they can be done on your comfortable couch, without much effort. Use the commercial breaks for a quick-run up and down the stairs. Borrow your wife or daughter’s skipping rope and skip your way to good health. All this can be accomplished without having to leave the TV room. Win-win, isn’t it?

5. Solving Puzzles
While everyone is talking the talk about physical fitness, mental-skill sharpening is lying in some desolate corner, utterly neglected. Fitness, in its truest sense, encompasses improving upon the mental health as much as physical. We all know that brawn and brains do not come in the same package. This happens mostly because lazy people don’t try hard enough. Memory games and crossword puzzles are excellent ways to keep your brain as sharp as a tack. If you’re feeling too lazy to unseat your behind from your utterly comfortable couch, make the effort to reach out for the newspaper and pen and try your hand at some daily puzzles. Challenging your brain, if not your body, is extremely fun and with some practice you can actually get better at it. Studies have shown that men constantly challenging their minds with mental activities have improved their IQ with time. Also, keeping your mind active and thorough steers you clear of mental diseases. Remember – a crossword a day keeps Alzheimer’s away!

6. Eat Slowly
Being laboriously lazy can have its innate health benefits too. Leisurely consumption of food is the best way to deal with appetites and metabolism. When it comes to food, lazy people turn out to be oddly active and tend to wolf down their meals in a matter of seconds. Instead, adopting the opposite approach can actually reap health benefits. Slow mastication of food tends to give the intestinal juices time to start flowing and build up a raging appetite. Not only does this burn up the calories faster, but also give you time to savour each flavour. Food tastes infinitely better when consumed slowly. Leisurely consumption also invokes satiety much faster. Nutritionists propound that it takes about 20 minutes for the brain to register satiety. Eating much too quickly in this regard leads to overeating and the consequential weight gain. Eating slowly, on the other hand, will have you feeling full for less.

One does not need to let go of their languid ways to be healthy. They need only be a little vigilant of their ways and incorporate the stated suggestion to find bliss in good health.

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