Monday, April 15, 2013

Beach Body Language !!!

man-on-beach-with-binoculars-in-his-hand - Beach Body Language
If you want to make a connection, you have to put in some effort and exhibit a little follow-through.

The beach is nature’s greatest pick-up place.

People flock there to relax for the day, their bodies warmed from the sun, the sand feeling great between their toes, and everyone involved is wearing very little. You can’t lose, right?


You can still totally blow a perfect opportunity by not giving off the right signals. Don’t ruin a good thing by putting the wrong body language out there. Learn how to get your body flirting for you and meet new people at the beach.

Flirting on the beach can be a fun and sexy experience. Let’s say you’re a woman and there’s a guy you think is hot playing in the surf while you and your friends are set up on the beach with a big umbrella for shade. You can sit in comfort and style innocently ‘watching the waves’ while meanwhile you’re actually shamelessly checking this guy out.

Or if you’re the guy playing in the surf, you can constantly scan the beach for hot women to flirt with under the guise of trying to remember where your buddies are, or simply looking away from the sun, or toward a sunset, depending on the location and time of day.

With this basic scenario in mind, let’s take a look at the possible menu of choices, good and bad, to follow when trying to meet someone at the beach:

Eye Contact
In our scenario, our girl is doing the right thing. Watch your potential guy for long enough for him to notice, then look away, then look back within another 15 seconds. If he looks back at you within the same window, there’s energy flowing. If he looks away immediately and starts walking faster, he’s probably on his way to his girlfriend’s towel. Eye contact alone is a fantastic tool.

Maintain Your Open Stance
Once you’ve made eye contact, now is not the time to suddenly play it cool and hunch over your beach mat to read a book. Keep up the long-distance flirting. If you want to make a connection, you have to put in some effort and exhibit a little follow-through. You can’t expect that other person to stand there staring at you all day with no encouragement.

When To Approach
Beach or no beach, the biggest favor you can do for your love life is to listen to people’s body language, and not be afraid to take a chance that you’re reading it correctly. Nothing ever happens if you don’t take a chance.

Let’s use our guy scanning the beach. If you see the woman shading her eyes from the sun to get a better look at you, take a chance and wave to her. What’s the worst that could happen? She doesn’t wave back and turns away? That won’t kill you. And much more likely is that she waves back and giggles to her friends. Then, you’re in.

How To Approach
Here’s where potential romances can either gain ground, or disappear as fast as a wave on the sand, and it’s up to you to make the right decision. Should the scanning guy beckon the sitting girl to come and speak with him down at the shoreline, or should he walk over and say hello on her turf? A good rule of thumb is that the wandering person should approach, be they male or female. If you’re already away from your group and trolling for a good flirt, then you have nothing to lose in approaching. You can always walk away.

Besides, there’s something immature about flagging someone down to come and join you away from his or her group. It smacks of impoliteness and forces the other person out of their comfort zone. Better to take a step toward that comfort zone, if that’s where you want to end up anyway. As a bonus, you’ll come off much more confident, which is a turn-on for either gender.

We’ve seen it all before – the face flush, the hair flip, the tossing the head back in a laugh. These are all classic examples of flirting body language. And I’m here to tell you – they actually work.

Guys will preen, flicking imaginary lint of their chests or running their fingers through their hair. Women will tilt their heads to one side and twirl a lock of hair around one finger. Both parties will lean in, perhaps a casual gentle touch on the arm, or an ‘accidental’ brush of knees.

These are the universal flirting signs, and you should be able to read these loud and clear. If you see these signs and do not ask what that person is doing later, then you are suffering from a lack of confidence and need to burst out of your insecure bubble.

Armed with these few tips, you should be able to get out there this summer and have some fun. If you don’t find the love of your life, you will at least get invited to a few parties.

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