Friday, April 19, 2013

7 Ways to Defeat Food Cravings More Easily !!!

7 Ways to Defeat Food Cravings More Easily  - man eating much

If you are trying to lose a few pounds and still suffer from that typical, sudden onset of a gnawing feeling in your stomach,

egging you to snack something unhealthy, chances are that you are a serial victim to your hunger pangs. Most of us turn towards comfort foods like creamy coffees, ice creams or potato chips when such cravings strike, spoiling our nutritional and healthy living objectives. The following dieting tips talk about how to defeat such hunger pangs:

1. Drink Yourself Silly
This doesn’t mean getting high on booze—it suggests drinking water or something akin to it like herbal tea sweetened with honey. The idea is to defeat the cravings that originate due to dehydration or thirst but are wrongly interpreted as food cravings. Secondly, drinking water helps to maintain a feeling of fullness, preventing you from snacking. This is the best way to neutralize cravings for stimulants like caffeine and aerated drinks overloaded with sugar.

2. Spend on Counseling if you have Serious Emotional Eating Issues
It is a widely accepted fact that when suffering from a deep sense of sorrow or anguish, people tend to eat without thought, unconsciously making themselves a food addict. Rather than spending money on buying the snacks and later spending even more on trying to lose the junk you will gain, it is better to seek two to three sessions of psychiatric help every month. Even if this doesn’t resolve your problems, it will ensure that the emotional eating issues are restricted in frequency and intensity.

3. Don’t Torture Yourself Gastronomically
A larger part of repeat snacking offenders are people on very harsh dieting regimens, starving themselves to the point of desperation. Please note that once you demonize food items, subconsciously your mind will crave them even more. Rather than totally shunning away foods like chocolates and ice-creams, adopt a diet & reward program. Here, you avoid high-calorie foods for a few days, and on planned days, like weekends, allow yourself to have a few bites of it. This is like recognizing your own efforts for not falling to the temptation through the week and helps to neutralize the desperation that fuels binging and snacking excessively.

4. Sleep Like a Baby
It has been medically proven that people who are deprived of sleep and suffer from short phases of insomnia or those who tend to sleep superficially are more prone to snacking. The body seeks a kind of stimulant, found in the form of sugar, caffeine and salt, to keep you awake when you fall short on sleep. Sleep deprivation also induces a type of adrenal gland imbalance. This raises the level of your stress hormones that are responsible for pushing you towards snacking irresponsibly.

5. Eat More of Balancing Foods
The philosophy of eating balancing foods or foods with different types of energies is a few centuries old. It has been acknowledged that certain foods fuel hunger and thirst. These foods tend to affect the metabolism in such a manner that after a few hours of eating something substantial, you still seek more. Foods high in saturated fats, red meats, refined sugar and salt are such negative-influence foods. So are repeated cups of coffee and white breads. On the other hand, foods like green leafy veggies and whole grains have a more comforting or balancing effect. Thus, lowering your packaged food intake has more to it than just avoiding the overload of calories mentioned on the label.

6. Are you an Urbanely Malnourished Individual?
It is estimated that more than half the population of a highly developed and urbanized nation like USA doesn’t get sufficient nutrients. Many of them carry severe deficiencies of macro/micro nutrients that can induce cravings. So, seek a thorough blood-work (testing) where you are tested properly for nutritional deficiency and start some form of supplementation immediately.

7. Suffer from Temptations? Banish the Source
If it is apparent that you find it hard to resist your temptation foods, it is better to neutralize their visibility or presence. In a shopping mall, don’t visit isles of foods that have a history of tempting you. If such foods are brought home by mistake, try to fasten their consumption, particularly the sugary kind. Serve cookies, cold drinks, pastries more regularly and share them more with your friends, etc. just to ensure that they are quickly removed from your presence.

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