Friday, April 26, 2013

7 Best Yoga poses for Men !!!

7 Best Yoga poses for Men !!!

Men usually prefer an energetic, sweaty workout with sophisticated equipment. However it is important to know that yoga also provides a complete workout to the body and is an excellent way of keeping yourself fit.

1. Wheel Position:
The wheel position is considered to be one of the toughest positions to be tried. It is known to loosen and open up the muscles of the shoulders as well as the spine. To begin with, you must lie down on a yoga mat on your back. The next step would be to lift your body
upwards from your chest and stomach. To make the process easy for you, press your feet into the floor and your palms next to your ears with your elbows facing upwards. Make sure you are able to breathe comfortably.

2. Handstand:
Performing a handstand helps you strengthen your back as well as improves your focus. In order to begin with a headstand, place your foot ahead of the other followed by lifting the leg, which is at the back, and bring your arms straight in front of you. The next step that you need to take is pressing
your palms firmly into the ground and making sure your elbow is not in a bent position. Try rocking forward (inhale) and back (exhale) to ensure that you feel sturdy. Once you are confident about your balance you are ready to lift both your legs from the ground. Begin with bringing your legs in the ‘L’ shape and then straight up. In order to be more effective and away fro the fear of falling down, you can perform this pose against the wall.

3. Seated Forward Bend:
This pose is a typical beginner pose that you may perform in the initial minutes of your yoga session. It is done to stretch your body and targets the hamstrings. You may begin by sitting with an erect back on the floor with your legs straight ahead. Straighten
your arms and pull the toes in the backward direct towards yourself. Gently move forward and try reaching your arms in the forward direction towards your knees and later to your toes. Make sure you do not round your back in the process.

4. Downward Facing Dog Pose:
The Downward Facing Dog position has been considered effective to decrease the tension in your neck and upper back. You may try this pose out against a wall before facing a wall. Rest your palms on the wall and spread your feet apart. Please do make sure that the distance between your feet isn't greater
than the width of your body. We then come to the movement. Keeping your arms and legs straight, press into the palms. This will then allow you to bend your body forward, increasing the distance between your hands and your hips, thereby assuming the Downward Facing Dog Pose. Once you feel comfortable with this position, try out the same on the floor with your hands pressing against the mat. Bend your head towards the floor and hips away from it. Stay at this position for several seconds before rest.

5. Bridge Pose:
In a day and age where a majority of our day is spent sitting at a desk, the Bridge Pose can prove to be useful to prevent back problems. Begin with lying flat on your back with your legs in a folded position, feet on the ground.
Rest your arms comfortable on either side. By applying pressure on your feet, lift your lower back off the floor. Now join your hands and bring them together to the back of your heels. Stay at this position for several seconds before lowering your back to rest.

6. Crow Pose:
This pose is primarily to facilitate coordination and building strength in the body. The pose also builds your self-confidence and drives away the fear of falling down from your mind. Begin the pose by sitting on your knees while your palms are placed flat on the floor. Now carefully place your knees on the
backside of the upper arms. Following this you may begin to come forward and lift your head too. Once you are confident of achieving the balance you can take your feet off the ground. Practicing these poses can prove to be a perfect workout regime for a man. It not only strengthens the body but also helps reduce stress and give a sense of freshness to the mind, body and soul.

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