Monday, April 15, 2013

6 Ways To Prevent Bad Body Odour !!!!

6 Ways To Prevent Bad Body Odour - man taking shower bath

There are few things worse than a bad body odour, when it comes to damaging your impression. However, contrary to what most people believe, there are many ways other than deodorants to prevent it.

Here are 6 tips to do the same:

1. Shower or Bathe Daily
There isn’t a better way to prevent bad odour. First of all, take a bath EVERYDAY. And yes, even during winters. And you must use suitable cleansing agents in the form of soaps or gels. And make sure you clean your underarms properly!

2. Deodorants Don’t Always Work
It is a fallacy that deodorants reduce body odour. On the contrary, they contribute to the body odour as they act as ration for the bacteria that are the main reason for body odour. The perspiration itself doesn’t stink; it is your antiperspirants that cause them to stink.

3. Wash and Change Your Clothes Daily
Candidly speaking, this does not come easy to anyone, particularly men. Blame laziness for that. Do not wear the same undergarments for two days in a row. And yes, socks - nothing smells worse than that. If you are too sweaty, there is no reason you should repeat the same socks or underwear on successive days.

4. Store Your Clothes in an Airy Place
This factor is often ignored by people. Clothes definitely need a well-ventilated storage. And instead of piling your clothes up in drawers, it would be recommended that you dangle them on hangers. Hanging clothes is not susceptible to bacteria, which otherwise get accumulated in closed storage.

5. Use Some Herbs
Instead of deodorants, you must use certain herbs with anti-bacterial effects. Green tea extract can be rubbed on your body, especially on the underarms. Apple cider vinegar is another herb that works excellently to prevent body odour.

6. Eat Well
One of the main reasons for body odour is the junk you eat. The waste in such food items contributes greatly to the digestion problems and bacteria. You are bound to smell bad if you do not decrease the intake of fast foods and other processed and fried food items that are replete with lot of chemicals.

Smelling good has various advantages. One of them is an overall personality enhancement. Another one is a boost in the levels of confidence. Then, why suffer body odour?

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