Friday, April 26, 2013

12 Innovative Ways to Eat Less !!!!

12 Innovative Ways to Eat Less !!!!

Most of us are hard-core foodies and definitely live to eat!

But moderation is a key word for a healthy and happy lifestyle. We bring to you 15 innovative ways of telling yourself, “Hey! Eat Less”.

1. The Girlfriend Hunt
The easiest and the most effective way to keep yourself away from unhealthy, and too much, food is to remind yourself that you’re still single and need to impress a good looking girl for yourself.

2. Uninteresting food
When you feel hungry at odd hours and too frequently, think about all the boring food in the world. Hopefully you would want to do something other than eating.

3. Cutting the Night Binge
All the movie buffs that are glued on to the television set late in the night, watching their favorite movie for the 250th time undoubtedly have an unhealthy snacking habit. Reducing or replacing these late night move-watching sessions with a chat with your girlfriend can surely be effective in making you eat less, that too at the wrong time.

4. Videos
Sometimes just thinking about eerie stuff doesn’t help; you need to watch it for it to actually work. Watch videos of people eating foods that you don’t like for instance cockroaches, worms and anything that you would please. You would certainly not want to eat anything for a while.

5. Soup First
Before your main meals of the day, either drink a glass of water or a bowl of the soup of your choice so that you end up eating less of the main course. The liquid in your stomach gives you a partially full feeling.

6. Trump card called Mom
Instruct your mom that if she wishes to get her son a good looking girl she should serve him small portions of food spaced through the day with minimum amount of ghee and butter. The food intake will automatically reduce if she has taken the decision.

7. Chew Gum
When you can’t resist the food you see around yourself get the chewing gum out of your pocket and chew on it for sometime. Your attention will immediately be diverted to other things.

8. Choosing the ‘Right’ Companion
The person that you hang around the most with influences a lot of your daily habits, likes and dislikes etc. When you feel hungry take a girl along with you so that the meager amount of food in her plate would trick you into eating less.

9. Visit an expensive Dietician
While you follow a regular exercise regime, i.e. if you do, also make sure you are seeing a dietician who charges you an exorbitant amount. The fees that you pay her will remind you of the fact that you need to follow what he or she says or else your money will go down the drain.

10. Switch to Cutlery/Hands
There are interesting studies that have shown that making people, who love eating food with their hands, use fork, knife, spoon or chopsticks to eat with will devoid them of the comfort with which they eat and, hence, end up consuming lesser than usual. Similarly, getting a person, who uses cutlery, to eat with his hands results in lesser consumption of food.

11. Dark Plates
Going by the energy and effect a color can have, you must try and eat food on a black or a navy blue plate. It is believed that by doing so you get a feeling of being full faster.

12. Make a Chart
Create a detailed chart about your weight and other measurements and place it on your study table or any spot in the room that attracts your attention the most. The increase in the figures will act as a grim reminder and the shabby results will motivate you to eat less!

Following these creative yet effective methods that play with your mind can help you eat less. However, eating healthy, at the proper time and the right quantity should be the key to a fit life.

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