Saturday, April 13, 2013

10 Reasons You Should Start Running Now !!!

People have always made a big fuss about running. How is it beneficial? Will it help in the long run? Will I lose weight? Would I look retarded while running in my shorts?
And so to ease you all out, here are 10 reasons that’ll get you up and running in no time!

1. Burns Fat Faster

Yes, all the myths revolving around this one vital point is true. Running will surely make you lose weight. It’s a simple science—you run, you burn fat, and you lose the extra lard. No doubt in that. Albeit, this needs to be clubbed with the right diet and other exercises too. Spending 5 hours on the tracks won’t help if you come back and treat yourself to an oily parantha!

2. Relieves Stress

Remember Forrest Gump? Remember how he ran and there was never an end to it. And running did help him in tackling situations around him! Simply put, running gives you the right amount to think, ponder and evaluate. It also helps in channelling your frustration and aggression in the right way! So next time you feel the agitation swelling up, start running!

3. Makes You Sharper

Running may seem as an involuntary task, yet when it is consciously done it helps in honing of the mind. It polishes up your focussing capabilities and helps you in attaining a dedicated frame of mind to achieve a certain target. Remember, running isn’t just a physical workout, but a mental one too!

4. Increases Stamina

To put things into perspective, the first run that you may take will leave you thoroughly worn out and gasping for air, yet with time, your panting and exhaustion will decrease and you would be capable of running an extra mile without any hassle! Runningincreases your stamina and gives you the ability to push your body beyond its limit.

5. Increases Immunity

Running is a package deal of anything and everything healthy. One of the prime benefits of running is the boost that your immunity system gets after running. Say goodbye to small frivolous concerns such as the cold, flu, cough, etc.

6. Gives You A Ripped Core

Running not only gives your legs a workout, but also churns out all the other muscles of your body. This gives your body the much-needed churning and leaves you sweaty and exhausted, yet content. Running helps strengthen all the bones and muscles in the body and makes a lean and fit physique.

7. Boosts Confidence

This has got everything to do with the mental fitness. The prospect of setting up a goal, be it running a mile or a lap, and achieving it gives a sense of accomplishment and this goes a long way in giving a confidence boost to a runner. This assures you will feel more comfortable in tackling a situation and accomplishing it, thus inadvertently boosting your confidence!

8. Reduces Health Risks

As we grow old, the probability of being burdened with diabetes, high blood pressure, heart complications and other such ailments increases. Running helps in slowing all these down. A regular running schedule will ensure that you stay fit for a longer duration without running any risk to your body. Running helps in better circulation of the blood and hence, keeps the engine well-tuned to battle such diseases!

9. Reduces Anxiety

It is scientifically proven that running helps in creating the right hormones that’ll reduce the activity of the serotonin receptors. These receptors are the ones responsible for regulating moods in us. And hence, their reduced activity helps in having a one-track mind and mood!

10. Enhances Happiness

Fortunately, this isn’t a phenomenon. The endorphins released after a run gives the runner a sense of overpowering contentment and satisfaction. This same mechanism also cultivates subconsciously, making the brain secrete the right hormones and giving a runner a sense of happiness and elation all the time!
If you haven’t yet started running, do it now—it’s fun, it’s free and it keeps you engaged with nature. So, it’s high time you hit the roads with a vengeance and bring sexy back.

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