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Nightclub Psychology !!!!

Nightclub Psychology !!!! - party
A brief chat with a bouncer creates a very powerful 'social proof' effect. Since they are perceived to be in control of the nightclub, people automatically assume that if you talk to them then you must have social status too.

Psychologists understand that context is a powerful tool in directing our behavior and how we feel. And to understand human behaviour or how to influence it, you must understand the situational factors in a given context, as this is crucial in determining how people perceive you and ultimately how attractive you are to other people.  

There is a high degree of comparison in nightclubs. There are lots of single men and women looking to converse and have a good time, therefore it’s vital that you stand out from the crowd and hit all the psychological triggers to increase your level of attractiveness. 

The Psychologists at discuss how the Psychology of nightclubs and how to attract in them!

The Power Of Social Proof
“Social proof” is the psychological phenomenon that explains that what others do and how others behave significantly influences our own behavior and what we think. 

While we like to believe that we make decisions based on our own intuitive beliefs that feel inherently personal to us, we are perhaps more influenced by other people than what we may like to believe. 

The psychological influence of social proof can also influence who we find attractive. Take the male at the bar surrounded by a number of women, he’s cracking jokes and they all appear to be having a great time in his presence. 

The fact that he has a number of women around him all laughing, he’s creating a very strong influence mechanism that taps into the processes deep within our brain. Unconsciously, this signals to other women that he is in demand and that because he’s surrounded by women, there must be something attractive about him, and consequently, his general attractiveness level rises. The fact that he’s in demand unconsciously influences other women’s perceptions of him.  

The same goes for women too. This social proof effect can work in the same way to influence men to become more attracted to you!

How To Get Social Proof In A Nightclub …
Talk to lots of groups of people: We tend to stick with the people we know best or who we’re most familiar with. But making an effort with previous acquaintances can be great for driving up social proof. Likewise, speaking with people who you’ve never met before (if you’re the confident type) is perfect for creating a strong social proof element. 

Talk with bouncers/door staff: While bouncers and door staff might not seem the most sociable creatures, a brief chat with them will create a very powerful social proof effect indeed. Since they are perceived to be in control of the nightclub, people automatically assume that if you talk to them then you must have social status. Therefore, next time you’re in line waiting to get into a club, make chit chat with the doorman! 

Another great way to obtain the social thumbs up, is by speaking to the friends of the person you’re attracted to (but do not flirt). By being friendly and likable to their friends, it increases the chances of the individual you want to like you more. Since our friends are highly influential over what we think and what we do, it’s important to get the friends to like you to and on your side!

Learn When To Walk Away!
When things are going great, it can be an effective technique to walk away and come back a little later in the night. Although this can be a difficult thing to do and you maybe asking “Why on earth would I want to walk away from something good?” there are psychological reasons to believe that it’s effective an method.

Firstly, it proves your social nature. If you’ve spent 30 minutes talking to a guy/girl that you bumped into, you’re neglecting all the friends that you came out with. In this situation, by apologizing for having to cut the conversation short and that you need to go and see your friends, or you need to say hello to somebody else, it proves that you’re social – again providing social proof evidence working in your favor. 

Secondly, it gives them a chance to miss you. You cannot miss something that’s right in front of you. You’ll be leaving them standing there thinking, “Are they coming back? Things were going so well,” and consequently, they will be thinking about you and will be keeping a look out for you. They will be anticipating your return! Imagine how happy they will feel when you finally come back! Here’s more on how to talk in bars.

Dance Floor Tactics!
For some people, the dance floor seems like a daunting experience. From the way in which we like to analyze our own behavior, we intuitively believe that everybody else must be thinking about what we’re doing as much as ourselves. However, there is no evidence to support this. In fact, in nightclub situations, people are scattered everywhere. Nobody is actively scanning your every move to see if you’re correctly moving your feet perfectly to every single beat. Therefore, get yourself on the dance floor! 

Studies show when we meet new people on a night out, the dance floor is one of the most common first points of contact. Therefore, by getting yourself on the dance floor you’re more likely to engage with people due to the close physical contact, which provides leverage to talk later on in the night and bridge an emotional connection. 

You don’t have to be doing crazy head spins or any other miraculous moves in order to become attractive to others. Just simple rhythmic movements will suffice and dancing on beat is enough. Click here for more on getting someone to like you.

For more on the psychology of attraction, visit the geeks in white lab coats at HaveYourPick! 

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