Friday, February 15, 2013

How To Date On Halloween ??!!

How To Date On Halloween - man try to approach woman
The best part about scoping for a man (or woman) on Halloween is that preconceived notions about that person go out the window.

Why do we all love Halloween so much? Because we get to re-invent ourselves for one night and play the role of a superhero, or super-sexy vixen, or make a statement of some kind. It’s a chance to express ourselves through our own bodies – it’s fun!

It’s also a great night to be single, because people are much more approachable. A shy guy who would never approach “Catwoman” if she were in her regular clothes, now has a reason to start a conversation. And Catwoman might never have the guts to say hello to the guy dressed as Edward Cullen, but having read the entire Twilight series, she now knows they have something in common. The down side is that you may get a lot of unwanted attention (“Scratch my back, Catwoman!”), but as long as you have some snappy comebacks and you know when to walk away, the night is yours to explore.

The best part about scoping for a man (or woman) on Halloween is that preconceived notions about that person go out the window. You’re seeing them in costume, not in their regular clothes, so you can’t make any judgments for or against them based on appearances. Last Halloween, a blonde friend of mine went out to party as a 1960’s doo-wop singer in a fire-red beehive hairdo. She met a great guy and they spent half the night talking together, finally exchanging numbers. A few nights later, they met at a bar for a date, and he was shocked to see her wild blonde hair instead of the red beehive. After he got over it, they had a great time and he eventually admitted to her that he never dates blondes. Why? It was a silly prejudice that he’d formed after his blonde ex-girlfriend cheated on him and dumped him. My friend still thanks Halloween and her red wig for bringing them together against the odds.

You might have prejudices that you don’t even know you have. For example, maybe you subconsciously avoid men who don’t wear suits, thus completely missing out on a whole species of guys that could be a good match for you. On Halloween, there might be a ‘jeans and a T-shirt’ guy who is wearing a pirate costume instead. You won’t discriminate against him for not wearing a suit because it’s Halloween! Besides, you have a thing for Pirates of the Caribbean (well, okay, you have a thing for Johnny Depp, but still…) so you let him buy you a drink. Next thing you know, you discover he works in finance like you, and loves to go to flea markets on the weekends. Suddenly you’ve got yourself a date on Sunday afternoon with a guy you wouldn’t have even looked at on a ‘regular’ evening. Something to think about.

Just a reminder that some personalities are easy to spot, no matter how much costume you throw over them. Like that tall sailor guy – cute, but glued to his phone no matter what he’s wearing. Or the fake-tan surfer dude hitting on every chick in the room. You can bet his Halloween personality isn’t too much of a departure from his normal mode of operation. Some qualities, or lack thereof, will shine through no matter what. So leave your dating radar on, get dressed up, have fun and meet someone new!

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